1: A person of the odd kind, usually dwelling in the northeastern kingdom. 2: (latin):"king," so natually those named Regis have above average abilities in art or leadership.
3: A good friend; A Regis should be regarded as good friend, one to be appreciated but not taken advantage of.
Damn regis we goin' brappin to texas?

Regis your drawing is the shit

Regis will conquer us all someday

Hey regis want to go to that part tonight?

Regis come here NOW
by Pumba December 17, 2004
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A kid who would want to fight you if you make a joke about his mother
Regis says," If you don't say sorry for what you said about my mom I am going to destroy you you fucking pussy."
by silly swan March 19, 2019
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An outfit consisting of a sport coat and an erect penis.
You should wear a Regis on our wedding night.
by Shithead 1252 August 27, 2022
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1. Proper Noun - the first name of popular morning talk show host Regis Philbin.
2. Noun - a euphemism (or possibly dysphemism, depending on who you ask) for either giving or receiving a rim job
His butthole was very much moist and satisfied after a particularly juicy regis.
by anotherton February 8, 2008
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adjective. ME. ca. 2004. Describing or pertaining an event/action that incorporates outrageous stories, lots of drugs, pube-esque facial hair, and severe hygeinic deficiency.
"Dude, stop being so Regis, or we'll smack you. Now go shower."
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primarily nickname for regina or reginald, but can be given name. regie is a strong minded, stubbornly passionate individual who is loyal to a fault. Regie is a born leader, who captivates with his/her intellect, sense of humor, and kindness. Regie is a good friend to have as he/she is incredibly dependable.
by jinki1970 February 3, 2010
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