It is a word used to discribe a large vagina.
Im going to wash her big pot tonight
by Ghostfighter096 January 28, 2016
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ril dark the fortnite bot says that he is lagging because he is a Walking Big Pot
"Dude I'm lagging!!" says the Walking Big Pot
by Ducko3 July 18, 2021
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A dopeass rapper that gets big booty bitches.
Look! Big Pot is fucking another big booty bitch!
by Big Pot December 6, 2019
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You stole my big pot something in fortnite when some fucking cunt steals your big pot.
You: you stole my big pot .
Friend: I'm dead fuck idoit.
by cum dumpster 12343533 November 15, 2022
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Energy one might exude when they are described as being far more than just a "snacc"
Person A: Wow she ain't just a snacc, she's the whole meal!
Person B: That's some Big Pot Roast Energy she's got there.
by Basket of Cranberries December 7, 2019
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