This present participle is reserved for occasions of chatting on Skype, or some other such non-verbal chat medium. In such an instance, it's more appropriate than using the normal conversational verbal processes such as:

"telling", "saying", "talking about", "givin' you a 'shayout'", etc.

You realize you've been saying, "Yeah that's what I was 'telling' you the other night, (via Skype, foo!)
J. Man2999: Aw sheeyit! It's almost 2012! End of the world, clickkk!

P. Jizzy: Yeah, that's what I was telling you the other night, my light skinned brother!

J. Man2999: Huh? I don't remember you 'tellin' me that.

P. Jizzy: Yeah, member. We was rippin' Skype up for like three hours. Come on mayne, cay'nt you remember?

J. Man2999: Shittt, son! You mean that's what you was
'typing' me the other night. Yeah, now I remember; seeyin as you're all accurate with your verbal priznocesses!

sounds of:
(clickety click click click)
Schmitty: "Aw yeah, man! That's what I'm talkin' bout!
Shaney Shane: "Correction... (pushing up glasses at the other end of the screen conduit) You means, that's what you 'TYPIN' bout, homey.
by Che Boludo May 23, 2011
Typing information into an area reserved for this purpose.
Let's chat when I'm done having typed in.
by Hercolena Oliver August 29, 2008
very way
many, a whole lot
dude, the way you hit that jump was types cool. With all those people watching you will get types props.
by sea-money March 27, 2007
something is so much uv something its in its own classifaction
1) y0, dat grl is type hott
2) i cant even look at u cuz ur so type ugly
by ay0 March 22, 2005
Used as a code-word for masturbating.
"Hang on a minute, im still typing"
"Having a good time typing?"
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
Describes the act of writing emails or instant messages. Talk for the IM generation.

I have to jet, we'll type about your girlfriend when I get home.
by Bifloman September 29, 2006