y0 is a phrase that originated from a server so called "CBCnR" back in 2014.
by keeko18865 May 18, 2018
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y0 bitch, whats uP? y0! Nudding G. just chilling. y0 my h0mes
by Azul November 23, 2002
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An initial value of y, pronounced "y not". Used to refer to the starting height of an object in Newtonian physics textbooks.
y = y0 - v0 t - 1/2 g t^2
by Mike September 16, 2006
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The ama version of yiffing. Ama is a member of cowbelly forums discord.
*y0sses ama*

Ama:no that's my job
by WhyAmIBored December 18, 2018
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jdma part that is fitted to a car that is made for the japanese domestic market. jdm y0 parts that are made in an old rusty warehouse in taiwan fitted to cars who want to be bwaad. jdm=fad
i like them jdm y0 lights u bought for your car off eGay, im getting some for my corsa merit? i want to jump on the band wagon aswell.
by 4d_owns August 12, 2006
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its just another way to say " for real " .
" That jacket is HAWT . "
" FRill$ Y0 . "
by Courtney Vore February 21, 2008
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person a- hey, have you talked to y0.gurtt today?
person b- no what a loser
person a- I disagree. now die 😈
by explosiveshart June 4, 2021
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