A teenage male skater/biker. Usually seen loitering around the park everyday trying new tricks because they are doing what they love (and they have nothing better to do). Usually a slacker and not involved in any school activities.
Some guys are more typelike than others.
chains, long hair, skateboards, BMX bikes, mohawks, skater shoes, baggy pants, studded belts, skate company/ band T-shirts.
TYPES COME IN: groups of five or more. All types know eachother if they are from the same city/ general area.
Those little 6th graders attempting ollies over there are type-wannabes.

That hot gothic over there with the mohawk looks like THE type of types.

When we went to the park, we had a major type sighting; they were everywhere.

Girl 1: Ooooh skaters!
Girl 2: No, not skaters, TYPES.
by Ann O. Nemus October 2, 2004
Big Gey, and not just some normal Big Gey but the biggest Big Gey of all time.
Type Big Gey.
by Booniminati August 30, 2018
A description of someone who does anything because they don't have a preference. Whether it be about a person, a genre, a movie, etc.
Person 1: What type of music do you like?
Person 2: Oh I'm a no type kind of person
by esha13 March 25, 2018
Like a driveby, but on internet message boards. Usually occurs when a noob makes a mistake and the rest of the board jumps all over them with insults, etc.
Wow, did you hear about SaucyJoe477? He got hit by a major type-by yesterday. All kinds of teh insults were thrown at him. What a lamez0r!!!11one!

No, I did not hear about that. How odd, yet interesting.

Yes, I agree, but only somewhat.
by Bob Gunderson November 10, 2005
Something a lot of people who use the internet can't do.
Tihs is tghe wsya a lto fo poepelk typwe.
by shafticus December 25, 2004
Noun: Refers to a special group of people encompassing, students and adults. Common characteristics of people belonging to this group: stuck up, serious, usually looking out for their own wellbeing, grade or else wise, often disregarding their so called friends in the process, and quite often making a big deal out of a B+ thus earning them the title of Type A because anything less is a failure in their eyes.
Their are alot of type a's at TJ.

The trip isn't going to be fun because a bunch of type a's are in charge, I bet we will end up going to a lint museum.
by BoredButTrue June 2, 2009