When a girl says she's not your type but deep down she likes you

Like an emo on outside
Steve"what type are you"

Girl"a type"
by That1kidonxbox March 15, 2018
it's exercise;

and, usually, exercise is knowledge
'hai acasa ca mi-i lene sa scriu'
'typing is exercise, exercise is knowledge'
by partyfox January 18, 2020
noun. a dangerous driver. Self-centered, makes sudden lane changes, doesn't signal, passes on right, will 'close the gap' if you signal to pass someone and would eventually pull in front of him/her, passes 3 cars at once on one lane road with on-coming traffic, will pull into a parking spot you're waiting for...freeway surfer. Usually drives an older model BMW that was bought used. (not always, but likely, of type A Blood group)
by quassel September 15, 2006
Whenever u tryna do something but be low key and nonchalant about it
I’m boutta go talk to this girl type shii type shii
by The Real Christian E. May 1, 2022
When you spill your beverage into your keyboard and instead of draining it out, like a normal person, you continue typing like nothing happened much to the bemusement of those who witnessed the spill. Squishy Typing is no delicate matter and practitioners usually have an “Own It!” type mentality. Squishy Typers never tickle the keyboard like an Elmo doll on the cold Christmas morning of 1996. Rather, they opt to pound the keys with the renewed vigor of a frustrated Ludwig van Beethoven raging at the heavens during a tsunami.
Jo: Just picked up my coffee off the warmer as someone asked me a question. I swung around and bonked the edge of my monitor and dumped half the cup in my keyboard...

Levi: I'd like to be sympathetic, but I'm too busy laughing. Hopefully, it was a cheap-o, wired keyboard?

Jo: It is. It's a work keyboard so I’m just squishy typing now.

Levi: I smell a UD entry. Squishy Typing

Jo: Ew Ew!! I'll get Darren on it.

Jo: Confession: I may have baited you into the UD recommendation so I could incorporate our conversation into the example...

Levi: Haha. That makes sense.

Darren: Done.
by Darren Besert November 27, 2017
on webcam sites, type one is a girl who is willing to get her tits out and type two is the opposite.
hey babe are you Type one or type two-
type one, look!
by jezzabee January 10, 2010
A common form of typing, in which the typist presses each key individually. Instead of relying on the memorized position of keys, the typist must find each key by sight.
"The script took forever to write due to his incessant brady typing."
by alancnet June 24, 2014