1. noun - A hypothetical person who is always a bit cooler than everyone, has more stuff than you, is better in every way.

2. verb - Doing something a little beer than someone else, or buying a better version of something.
"Schmitty has one of those."
"She's not as hot as Schmitty's girlfriend."
"The world record is 23 chicken legs, but Schmitty ate 24."
"Schmitty's car is a little faster."

"I bought a new tv that's an inch bigger than yours. I schmitty'd you."
"Everytime I get something new for my boat, Joe has to go and buy something a little bit better just to schmitty me."
by earlsgarage April 27, 2006
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That guy that usually shows up at a party with a couple of six packs in his hands, probably wearing gym shorts, a t shirt, and his hat backwards. He is the epitome of cool and everyone usually shouts his name when he walks into a place.
random party goer- "Who is at the door?"
Man kicks open the door holding a six pack in each hand
Crowd- "Schmitty!!!!!"
by schmitty15 August 30, 2010
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Schmitty is always there for us. He is careful and cares about our feelings. Schmitty always makes us compete for him and has us rubbed around his pipi.

Schmitty makes us feel important and warm, like a bagel in the oven. His voice is soothing and masculine. We really love Schmitty :)
by sovietgoblin November 3, 2020
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A person who thinks they are very cool. They are cool, but they like to talk about sex...a lot. They are very ghetto.
You talk about sex a lot and are very ghetto, you are such a schmitty.
by boo yeah April 1, 2005
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A girl YouTuber who thinks the earth is flat, there’s no such thing as gravity, that pewdiepie punched her, that you can overdose on tic tacs and that Morgan Freeman in Nelson Mandela
Girl- omg did you see that schmitty video the other day?
Me- yeah she’s so fake
by TakeALook October 26, 2019
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An expression used to describe an unpleasant mood or unfortunate event. Sometimes this expression can also be used to describe very sad pitiful individuals who are unpleasant to be around. This term can be used to even describe a very hostile & toxic working environment.
"This place is so schmitty...."

"Lighten up, don't be schmitty".

"This work place is so schmitty".
by theonlinegrinchi3 August 2, 2022
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