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It means alot or way too much. Same meaning as MAD
Ayo its type cold out side, or, Doggie that fitted is type hot.
by L'z November 10, 2003
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Contrary to most UD definitions of 'type' - TYPE used in a sentence is more like a substitute for 'kind of'/'kinda'.

Though it can mean 'a lot' and be replaced by 'mad', it's more used when meaning 'kind of'.
A) "Yo, shorty looking type good"

B) "His party was type crazy, like - mad heads in there."

in both instances, type can easily be replaced by 'kinda'.
by aviators March 07, 2010
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it's another word for quite, or another word to say that something was for example: Madd funny. But insted of saying madd use type. so it was TYPE FUNNY! But you cannot say it was so type funny because it defeates the purpose.
That was Type funny
yo that dude was Type fine
she was Type ugly
by Jassy December 27, 2005
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buy the domain for your travel blog
Big Gey, and not just some normal Big Gey but the biggest Big Gey of all time.
Type Big Gey.
via giphy
by Booniminati August 30, 2018
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very way
many, a whole lot
dude, the way you hit that jump was types cool. With all those people watching you will get types props.
by sea-money March 27, 2007
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