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When a man's nutsack looks like that thing that hangs from a turkey's neck
As Maria watched porn with her boyfriend she couldn't help but notice that one of the actors had turkey balls
by Coneja July 07, 2009
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(to turkey ball, verb):
To glare or stare at a person or group of people with rebuke, disdain, or disapproval.
Did you see that guy turkey balling me?
by thebmarinara August 22, 2012
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A large turkey-neck-looking device that is spun round in multiple rotations and then let go directed at an offender. They are usually made from some sort of hard object tied into old pantyhose and are recommended for use in attempting to slap your little brother with for being obese.
"ah stop being fat or i'll slap ya with my turkey ball!"
by umbie March 21, 2004
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A man's saggy, wrinkly balls that hang low (sometimes below the knee). Best used for tea bagging.
"Goofy totally has Turkey Balls." or "Goofy sure has some nasty Turkey Balls." "OMG! I like totally just saw Mickey sucking on Goofy's turkey balls!"
by NuttersNutsack June 29, 2013
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