34 definitions by All girls know Long Pole Joe

A very good looking guy known for his chiseled body. And looks like a god, all women would love to be with him.
Who is that stud over there?
That's Joe the Guinn.

Mike was going to marry Renee but she fell in love with this tan good looking guy known for pleasure and strength. Well he must have been a Guinn. Yep!!

Who is the baddest man in Birdland? Wait must be Guinn.
The yellowish chlamydia juice that crusts around your penis after sex with a bar whore prostitute.
Hey Sean what do you think about that skank from the bar? Well I need some help with the Kristy Crust. Damn dude you should have just pounded your pud.

Palmer: Dude what is that fishy smell?

Sean: I have Kristy Crust and it's bad.
Hairy meat patties are collage sorority girls with hairy wore out vaginas. They may have been stuffed with shampoo bottles. Or possibly a large scholng or fist.
Damn Sean Nicole has hairy meat patties bigger than Kristys.
Twisty is a great way to start the day!

The lude act of turning the nipples really fast. Or pinching the vagina lips.
Hey stop giving me a twisty!

Dude her lips are loose from all those twisty's.
A woman who has excess skin on her vagina making her lips hang longer.
Hey Sean have you seen Kristys meat bags?

In gym class you can see Nicole meat bags hanging.
Coined by Big Lenny the man that loves big sausages stuffed in him. Delray beach is loaded with tranny tan 10 10's.
Big Brad wolf loves taco queen because he is a tan 10 10
A bonner or stiffy when you wake up. So hard that a cat can't scratch it.
Joe Guinn has a big meat rocket.