10 definitions by umbie

A large turkey-neck-looking device that is spun round in multiple rotations and then let go directed at an offender. They are usually made from some sort of hard object tied into old pantyhose and are recommended for use in attempting to slap your little brother with for being obese.
"ah stop being fat or i'll slap ya with my turkey ball!"
by umbie March 22, 2004
The art of having artistically placed a piece of dog poo on a stick
That boy used a stick to flick the poo away, but instead he had made himself a schmock
by umbie March 22, 2004
A mature aged obese lady who has fatty boomsticks, hence the name boombalada.
wow dude look at that boombalda over there rolling in french fries!
by umbie March 22, 2004
1.To have hair that looks as though it has been cut using an upturned bowl.A good example of a bobbin hairstyle would be that of woolaston.
2.Having jocks land on your head in a barette style by the action of a ceiling fan in full motion whilst engaged in the bobbin game.
1."that lady has bobbin hair"
2. we were playing the bobbin game and i won by 3 bobbins
by umbie March 22, 2004
me. the one and only known umbin in the world. Serious its my real name. if u want to know what it really means you must go to www.umbin.com
hi my name is umbin, but you can call me umbie
by umbie March 22, 2004
A vocabulary consisting of all letters of the alphabet except the letter "L", in which the letter "R" is used in its place.
Hurro I am Japanese and I have finally learnt how to speak Engrish.
by umbie March 22, 2004
1.a sandwich that can be considered as fine art and is of fine taste.
2.anything to do with subway sandwiches.
by umbie March 23, 2004