29 definitions by Mr. Dwayne

Someone who would make better marriage material than baby momma material.

Someone who you'd likely spend the rest of your life with if you found him or her.

If there were more keepers in the US, the divorce rate would be MUCH lower!!!
Jane has nice legs, ass and thighs, a good job, and she is even more beautiful inside. She's definately a keeper!
by Mr. Dwayne February 20, 2005
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A very talented vocalist with a nice budonkadonk. Kelly has a nice fat ass. Mucho junko in la trunko.
I predict if Kelly Clarkson posed in Playboy, it would be the magazine's hottest issue.
by Mr. Dwayne February 07, 2008
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One of the sexiest supermodels to grace the urban scene in the 21st century.

Originally from Canada, she goes by the nickname "Jessica Rabbit"
Melyssa Ford ain't bad, she was just made that way.

by Mr. Dwayne October 23, 2004
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One of the finest carmel brown supermodels to ever come from North of the American border. I'd be her lawful wedded husband if she'd have me. Jessica Rabbit is her nickname, but Viagra with legs is more like it. She has appeared in almost every major hip-hop video in the last two years., including Usher's "Yeah!". If I were to die today, I'd like to be reincarnated as one of her favorite pairs of undies, or just a new molecule of her body.

Melyssa Ford is the true definition of a beatiful women inside out.

Melyssa for will be my wife one day if she'll have me
Melyssa Ford ain't bad, she was just made that way!

by Mr. Dwayne October 23, 2004
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An old withering aroma associated with old men. It consists of farts that don't smell freshly rotten, funk that smells vintage 1969, dust, moth balls and urine. Often found in the homes and clothes.
Since old people tend to lack nutriance in their olden age, their smell seems to have a faded odor to it.
by Mr. Dwayne July 06, 2005
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The person that help you, (or you helped) conscieve a child or multiple children together.

See Baby Momma, Baby Daddy
Sheryl was no more than just a sperm partner to David, who had 7 different sexual partners who happened to father his children.

Sheryl was one of David's sperm partners becuse she accepted his semen into her vagina for 9 months until the baby plopped out.
by Mr. Dwayne October 18, 2004
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The art of bastard-breeding.

Illegitamate children.

The act of having children before marriage.

And if you have too many children before marriage, marriage MAY no longer be an option.
Dawn has two kids, one out of wedlock. She got a quickie Vegas marriage to barely make the last one legitamate.
by Mr. Dwayne November 19, 2004
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