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A legal document signed before marriage to level the playing so that the dominant bread winner (preferrably the male) will not have to worry about his wife strangling him by the balls during a messy divorce.

It assures that at the most, she'll retain the kids, but will not gain any financial liability in the assets of the man that was made either before or during the marriage.

Since 50% of all women have a hidden agenda of gaining finacial stability and a sexual dynamo in a spouse...it regulates that YOU DON'T GET SHIT if we split!!!!!!
(Argument between a husband and wife) Fuck you bitch, since your dumbass signed this pre-nup, that means that I keep the house AND I don't have to put up with your shit. So YOU and YOUR kids can both get the fuck out! I'm THE GODDAMN KING of MY domain!!!
by Mr. Dwayne November 11, 2004
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An old withering aroma associated with old men. It consists of farts that don't smell freshly rotten, funk that smells vintage 1969, dust, moth balls and urine. Often found in the homes and clothes.
Since old people tend to lack nutriance in their olden age, their smell seems to have a faded odor to it.
by Mr. Dwayne July 6, 2005
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A great entertainer who glorrified black music. He caused tyrades with women fans with the gyration of his hips (which were band from showing from the waste down on 50's tv due to its sexual conotations).

He starred in several movies and had one daugther.

Elvis's career declined in the 1960's as British rock took the scene. He did have a comeback attempt in 1968. During his later years he indulged in sex, drugs, more drugs, and banana and peanut butter sandwiches. His weight blew up to over 300.

He was rumored to wear more cologne no matter how much he smelled bad.

In August of 1977, he was found by his staff face down in the bathroom with a large amount of fecal matter potruding from his buttocks. The feces was broken away and he was turned over and administered CPR. He was pronounced dead 2 hours later.

He did not die of defecide (Dying while defecating) but yet by a massive heart attack induced by an impacted constipated colon filled with dozens of prescription drugs and fatty foods.

His home has been turned into a museum attracting some 40 million people annually.
Elvis mixed country and R&B together. He made the mainstream appreciate watered down black R&B music.
by Mr. Dwayne July 5, 2005
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Someone who would make better marriage material than baby momma material.

Someone who you'd likely spend the rest of your life with if you found him or her.

If there were more keepers in the US, the divorce rate would be MUCH lower!!!
Jane has nice legs, ass and thighs, a good job, and she is even more beautiful inside. She's definately a keeper!
by Mr. Dwayne February 20, 2005
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The art of bastard-breeding.

Illegitamate children.

The act of having children before marriage.

And if you have too many children before marriage, marriage MAY no longer be an option.
Dawn has two kids, one out of wedlock. She got a quickie Vegas marriage to barely make the last one legitamate.
by Mr. Dwayne November 19, 2004
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A situation that happens in a single mothers life when she realizes:

1.) That she was looking for the wrong things in a man to begin with.

2.) The same game he used to knock her up with he's using on someone else who is just as fine or finer than you.

3.) Lack of child support plus one screaming child equals one pissed-off mom.

4.) That a nice car, long-hard dick and money does not make the perfect man.

5.) That she should sew up her vagina and hope "Mr. Right" is a single parent like she is.

6.) She can't party and change daipers at the same time.

See child support
Rachel thought Tyrone was the greatest man in the world! He was nice, he had and elephant-like penis, and he spent money on her constantly. After the baby dropped, and she couldn't lose the weight, the c-section scars or stretch marks. And Tyrone lost interest and decided to set up shop in new territory.
This lack of affection mixed with a screaming child caused Rachel to hate Tyrone with a pashion, causing serious baby momma drama.
by Mr. Dwayne October 28, 2004
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A very talented vocalist with a nice budonkadonk. Kelly has a nice fat ass. Mucho junko in la trunko.
I predict if Kelly Clarkson posed in Playboy, it would be the magazine's hottest issue.
by Mr. Dwayne February 7, 2008
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