gettin a blowjob from DONALD TRUMP while takin a shit. Once u ejaculate in his mouth, or even worse, pull an angry dragon, that pud says "ya fired".

origin: blumpkin variations: kumpkin
donald trump cant give tht bitch, amorosa, trumpkin cuz her dick's to damn big
by cawlahmahtee/bambee May 28, 2009
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sometimes used to describe the shade of Donald Trump's skin, or something of similar colour. combination of Trump and pumpkin.
the walls of that house are an ugly trumpkin orange colour.
by PoisonPurple May 10, 2016
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TRUMP-kin A sexual act in which a person takes a supernaturally huge shit on the entire country while major news networks take turns fellating them.

The entire 2016 presidential campaign season has been a massive trumpkin.
I'm left with the hot musky umami of trumpkin every time I accidentally watch the television news.
by highchromiumdiet January 15, 2016
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The act of misinformed Americans collectively sucking Donald Trump's dick while he shits on the world.
Donald Trump receives Trumpkins from all his followers.
by PurpDerp April 04, 2016
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A sexual act where one gives a blowjob to a man who is perched on top of a fence while simultaneously shitting on the other side of said fence. The higher the fence the better!
My man gave me a great Trumpkin last night, I totally destroyed Jane's backyard.
by ABPosey July 28, 2016
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