when you give an orange man head while hes peeing on your mom and his last name is trump
im gave dad trumpkin last night
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by brokkenmatter March 21, 2021
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A rural uneducated and unsophisticated Trump supporter from the countryside.

Trumpkin is a portmanteau, Trump+Bumpkin=Trumpkin
Wow look at all the Trumpkins at the rally.
by pablo64 December 07, 2018
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Yo did you see that bitch on the Apprentice? The only reason she got that far was because she was giving Donald Trumpkins every night
by Edwin Gaffney February 01, 2006
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getting a blumkin (blowjob while taking a shit) while wearing trump appearral.
My night was so amazing because I got a trumpkin.
by donald69er November 14, 2016
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A die-hard Donald Trump supporter that would be willing to give Donald Trump a blumpkin.
Everytime Donald Trump talks about deporting a Mexican I want to give him a blumpkin, I'm such a Trumpkin.
by R.Barkley November 11, 2015
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The act of sexually pleasuring a band member with the bell of ones trumpet.
I gave that kid a trumpkin after we played Stars and Stripes, it was so patriotic.
by miniburbs April 11, 2010
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To receive a blumpkin (The delicately balanced art of getting your cock sucked while taking a dump) whilst wearing a blonde wig. It is important to note that one must also deny that the said act ever occurred, and call it "fake news".
J.J: "Hey Rob, I heard Chyna gave you a trumpkin the other day, did you buy your blonde wig on amazon?"
Rob: "What are you talking about? That never even happened dude! That shit is fake news"
J.J: "Well i got my blonde wig a couple weeks ago on amazon during a flash sale"
Rob: "WTF BRO! I thought you were my friend, I saw a picture on Chynas phone of you on the toilet wearing a blonde wig.....she took a belfie (blowjob selfie)!!!!"
J.J: "Nah nah son, that shit didn't happen, fake news must have photoshopped a photo and planted it on her phone!"
by d$-&-Saladd July 11, 2017
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