Trump getting a blowjob from Conway while they dump on the rest of the nation.
While President Bannon is running the country the rest of us are getting trumpkined.
by Lord Dampnut February 07, 2017
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When Donald J. Trump gets a “sloppy” blumpkin from Ivanka. He must be eating McDonald’s during and before for at least 24 hours. He must be sitting on a golden toilet. He must have Billy Corgan’s band legally changed to the name of The Smashing Blumpkins. He then has to get billy corgan over to wrestle a crocodile While singing “ despite all my rage I Still love Faceoff with Nicholas Cage“.

After Trump has 36 trumpkins bequeathed to him, hologram ODB will run for President.

This is the official Trumpkin definition as learned from any degree in Shamanism from Trump University.
“ I was listening to the news and looks like he’s at Trumpkin #35. IBM is almost done coding ODB as a hologram. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna legalize medical PcP again”.

Friend : “ no shit. If he doesn’t ODB will”.
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Someone who defends every action or word from President Trump, regardless of the good or bad it is.
Bob: Trump said he would get Mexico to pay for the wall and he will!
Joe: Bob, you're such a Trumpkin. We can pay for it ourselves. Mexico can't even pay for their own shit.
by Always honest always right January 16, 2019
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trumpkin is one who follows President Trump. Republicans, friends, maga, any person who likes

Trumps ideals
She was a trumpkin in the last US election.
by Gypstlea January 24, 2017
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Similar to a blumpkin, it is when someone in the Oval Office gives Donald Trump a blowjob while he is taking a shit on his diamond studded golden toilet.
Sean Hannity could barely talk tonight after giving an hour long Trumpkin earlier in the day.
by StevieGSpot69 October 17, 2019
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Fanatic follower of Donald Trump in his quest for the presidency.
Donald Trump attended a rally surrounded by thousands of Trumpkins.
by rmorrow149 October 23, 2015
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