The act of hiring Russian prostitutes to piss for you in a Presidential Suite.
Donald Trump paid some Russian whores to do a Trumpkin on the bed.
by Jim Halford January 10, 2017
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A candidate for political office who is an insane racist moron running for a job for which they’re completely unqualified. Sometimes, but not always, it will be a candidate endorsed by der orange führer himself.
"That guy running for state treasurer has filed for bankruptcy several times - he's a true trumpkin!"
by zhrona June 27, 2020
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- Is orange

- Is scary
- And should be thrown out in November
Man 1: look it’s a trump kin

Man 2:haha that’s funny
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by November 26, 2020
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All the little Trump minions sucking his dick as he shits on America.
The Trumpkins are flooding the internet with lies and hate.
by Larry4 prez March 08, 2020
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When someone shits in your mouth while you are on the toilet it is called a Trumpkin.
Lara Trump’s mouth and asshole are the same size so she can give AND receive a mean Trumpkin.
by DonaldJMinipenis August 26, 2020
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