1.a person who obcesses over something.
2.a kefka Cultest.
"all hail lord kefka!"
by Aquila-chan December 24, 2003
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Someone who is obsessed or in love with something . Most likely money or religion
Did you see how many jobs she has ? She’s definitely a fanatic.
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Someone who is always ready to have an argument, pursues something way beyond what is reasonable or sane, and believes to be in posession of the absolute truth if only because nobody's willing to discuss it around them anymore.
John thinks he's right because he's such a fanatic that he'll come to blows with anyone who contradicts him.
by LightningPizza March 8, 2020
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One who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim.
President bush i guess....?
al-queda members are religious fanatics.
Somebody who complies with the definition above.
by pyromanCJ May 13, 2007
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I passionate and charotic experience.
Often unplanned, and involves fialing arms.

"Yo so let's be fanatical, , let's take that dark alley-way just to see what it's like. Maybe climb some ladders and step in some puddles."
by sohnaka October 10, 2008
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The act of making someone or something a subject of fandom and cult. Basically, many of us have a tendency to look for role models we want to be, a heroic figure who will save us from our miseries. And when we come across someone even with the slightest of the traits matching our expectations, we end up making a virtual image of that person, or a thing based on our ideals, which in reality have very little to do with the actual person/thing.

While there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others and having a role model to follow, it also important to acknowledge their flaws and not to idealize them. And it is very important to do more research, and know more about that person/thing, before "fanatizing" and forming a false virtual image about them.
1) Hitler was fanatized by fellow nazi germans which led to horrible things like WW2 and the holocaust.
2) You should never fanatize someone so much that you go all gaga over them and start worshiping them as gods.
3) One of the biggest problems in the world is people fanatize celebrities based on how they see them on tv or social media and blindly follow them.
by derjerkophobic June 30, 2021
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Person who favors ATi cards over nVidia cards. Opposite of nVidiot.
The person bashing the nVidiot is a fanATic.
by Bearxor September 30, 2003
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