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(verb): to bellow, rant, vehemently whine, or otherwise blow out metaphorical hot air. To demand attention, throw a tantrum or have a fit. To fill a space with as much shrill noise & self-righteousness as possible. To lie, loudly & "bigly." To pander to the gullible & rile up the immoral & willfully ignorant. To distract, manipulate & play your supporters like a musical instrument with your tiny, tiny hands.
"Dude... It's 3:00 a.m. & your weird theatre major roommate won't shut up about how his ex stole the his youth & the best years of his life, & how there's some vast conspiracy preventing his success & disallowing anyone to recognize his otherwise obvious genius. Evidently he thinks the world revolves around him?"

"I know, I'm sorry man. Just ignore him, he's Trumpeting, again."
by Kuaishou December 29, 2018
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When you stick your dick in a trumpet and then your girl starts blowing into it
Guy: β€œ after marching band me and my girl starting trumpeting”
Uncle: β€œ bitch we where supposed to do that”
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by BigPeePeePooPoo December 05, 2019
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Dumb things Trump or Trump-supporters would say.

Talking out of your ass but saying it like you know it.
"No one buys dram anymore, everyone wants cloud based memory. people looking to download more RAM nowadays, no one buys chips now" -Trumpet trump-eting/speculating about semi conductor industry.
by Krack September 01, 2018
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The passing of gas. Usually quite loud and fetid
Those beans have had me trumpeting all night
by The barb of Avon February 22, 2017
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When a bald, old man perversely propositions someone younger than him, usually male, to engage in sexual musical acts.
"Bruv, that Toni tried trumpeting on me again last night!"

"Yeh stay well away from him, he's proper sketchy"
by Barry-Scott October 16, 2013
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Any act in which donald trumps trumpet touches a females mouth
I'm suprised Donald Trump was elected considering the video that was leaked of him Trump-eting in the lady's mouth!
by Farquhar May 24, 2017
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