A Trumpeteer is someone who uses a TrumpetBox Aura to create a unique offline experience that aides in the effective promotion of businesses, products, persons, groups, goods, information, and services to people directly on their WiFi enabled mobile devices while on the go.
Bill told the graphic designer to include his Trumpeteer info on his business card, so that others can locate him on his TrumpetBox.
by TMTInc. November 28, 2018
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Any person who supports Donald Trump by posting somewhat false, ignorant, misinformed, anti-liberal memes on facebook or through any other social networking site only after he won the election. A trumpeteer never engaged in discussions or debates and never showed any interest in politics prior to Trump winning.
The trumpeteers keep flagging my progressive, liberal posts, because they are too stupid and racists to join a debate!
by DrippsMcDizzle November 14, 2016
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(1)The act of performing felatio whilst digitally stimulating the reciever's prostate with one or more fingers. (2) Sticking fingers up a dudes butt while sucking his cock.
(1) Dude, I was so thrown off last night when she threw down a trumpeteer. (2) You want a trumpeteer? 50 Euro... Your friend want to watch... another 50 Euro.
by The_Think_Tank January 23, 2012
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When the male ejaculates, making a wet fart sound out of the hole of the member.
It was hard to whack off at camp because of the Trumpeteer!
by deefer May 21, 2008
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An individual or organization that pushes the agenda of the idiocracy known as Trump.
What they, the trumpeters are doing is actually discrediting anything the trump team is saying.
by Wired-Nerve December 13, 2016
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A person who thinks Trump's presidency gives him/her the right to act like an asshole in public
Last night at the bar there were a bunch of Trumpeters making me really uncomfortable... and I used to really like that bar, damnit
by Ms Spamalot November 19, 2016
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