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To make a person or animal uncontrollably excited by making swift movements and yelling loudly and quickly.
Fido got so riled up the other day that he did 30 laps around the kitchen table, broke a bunch of lamps, barked so loudly that the cops, firemen, and ambulance showed up, and raped Fluffy the cat. Then they arrested him for cruelty to animals and threw him back in the mental institution.
by Nick D July 12, 2004
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To cause someone some group to become particularly excited and animated, especially in an angry or irritated manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rile" and "up." Seeing that kind of injustice on the news always riles me up to no end.
My parents and I got riled up when we had to go through United States of America border checkpoints. The border patrol kept asking questions, so we almost missed the flight :( ~ rile up
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by Rile up May 23, 2020
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