It started as a small Twitter joke, then became a huge troll cult that includes romanians . They are mostly seen in Discord, Twitter and Reddit making meaningless and cock jokes.
romanian 1 : so are you planning on become a the trollers of romania ?
romanian 2 : yes, definitely. as a member of Romani ancestry community, i shall become a the troller of romania and make memes.
by Wylodes May 5, 2021
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A man who does not have any particular girl in his sights at a party, but instead attempts to hook up with anything that has a vagina.
Person 1 - "I don't even care if she's cute, I'll fuck anything that moves."
Person 2 - "Dude, you're such a tuna troller."
by axcipiter March 2, 2011
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V. Taking hostage of someone's internet property and exploiting it for your own intentions. This can be done in a playful manner, or just shaken, not stirred, revenge.
Mom: "If I had a nickerl for every time you boys troller doll'd, I'd had a bucket'd full before you count to three!!!"

Son: "Mom, there's no 'r' in nickel. Ashie started it."

Mom: "Shut your mowth, Chanler, you grounded."

Troller Dolling
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a romanian terrorist organization. some of its members are its leader aligengar (persona fan, eboy), robertd (black fat gypsy who likes kingdom hearts and naruto) and basedagent (has 3000 hours on historical games)
the trollers of romania more like the gypsies of romania
by nqkoi May 10, 2021
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Someone who frequents a forum in such an intensity that it is expected that they will have an opportunity to post on any topic within minutes of the post having been submitted originally.

A Mega Troller may post relevant or irrelevant items, as Trolls from Lord of the Rings never seemed too bright, but always make coherent or incoherent noise. They never sneak up on you or observe silently.
Suppose there's two users, User1 is a Mega Troller. User2 is a person starting a new topic on a forum.

- User2 posts a new topic at 10:03am.
- By 10:08am, User1 has already submitted at least 1 reply to the new topic.
- Every 3rd post on the forum is from the same user, regardless of the section.
by Instinct121 October 7, 2009
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A stage troller is a singer or musician who hangs off to the side, or makes passes across the front of the stage area, while other bands are playing. They do this in hopes of being asked up to make a “guest appearance”.

This is a common behavior where the person can be content to being a spectator, but has to show everyone in attendance that he/she is a “star” too. They will usually overstay their welcome if asked to join the band for a song, and their presence becomes awkward.
Man, did you see Geoff last night, making his rounds on the dance floor in front of the band? He’s such a stage troller!

The show was going great last night until the band invited a stage troller up for a song and he wouldn’t leave!
by Richter Ass October 13, 2021
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When a commenter of a status gets more "likes" on their comment then the status they're commenting on did.
Example of Facebook Troller includes but is not limited to:

Facebook status: "I hate grammer Nazis. Why do they have to be so anal about everything like you know what I mean." (3 "likes")

Commenter on status: "Grammar*" (12 "likes")
by Spikes209 March 4, 2012
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