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Surprised many in the gaming and anime world.
KH is a collaboration between Disney, Disney Interactive and Square-Enix (know for their Final Fantasy series).

It is an RPG on the PS2, and you play a young boy named Sora, who is welder of a weapon called the "KeyBlade". Sora's home is destroyed and his friend (a cheerful red-head)named Kairi- is taken by a force called the "Darkness"

Sora is tossed into an adventure and is aided by the loveable Goofy (a knight), and short tempered Donald Duck (a wizard).

Together they are looking for a light to stop the darkness.

While Kingdom Hearts had a huge amount of critism from so "hardcore" gamers and anime watchers who say "i hate Disney"

Kingdom Hearts has proved them wrong and has become a loved game with a good fanbase. Its a game that has made its permanent mark in game history due to its sources.
"I've been having these weird thoughts any of this for real? Or not?"--Sora

Sora having premonitions before the destruction of his home.
by ki January 31, 2004
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a great combination of everyone's favorit Final Fantasy characters, and everyone's old favorites like Goofy, and Donald... also is one of the greatest idea's on earth
In Kingdom Hearts you have to fight a team of Cloud and Squall.
by Tai Gainsborough November 28, 2003
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Kingdom hearts is one of the best games. Final Fantasy really proved themselves with this one*it just shows they have more coming* they are doing great and it also shows they have more planned for the fans
They have much much more to show
by Arik December 31, 2004
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a kickass game that i got as a b-day present from my aunt. at first i thought it was gay because i had never play FF before and i thought the whole disney aspect was for toddlers but then i played it. the start of the game made me feel like i really didnt want to play but then it got better, and better, and better. it revealed an amazing and surprisingly dark storyline which i just loved. and the cameos from FF are class because you get to see classic charachters redone with amazing graphics (Examples:Cloud, Squall, Yuffie and my personal favourite cameo,Sephiroth)

In short KH blew my brains out the back of my head with amazing force and beauty!

P.S: I think Ansem should go down in video game history for being one of the coolest villains ever!
by fapperface August 22, 2005
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A very good game, one of the best IMO, for the PS2. It came out in 2002 and boy it pushed the PS2 limits early on. The graphics are amazing, story is original, and gameplay is increadibly fun. You play the role of Sora, who's home was attacked by the main enemies called the Heartless, and swollwed by darkness. He waked up in an unknown town with what is called a "keyblade" as a weapon. For this reason do Donald and Goofy take him with them to look for their king, Mickey. Sora goes along because there is a chance of finding his lost friends, Riky and Kairi. Unlike other RPGS at this time, this game has freeform movement. As in you can go pretty much anywhere on anything you see, and you can actually jump and glide, rather than stagnant RPGs where a mere bush or slight elevation of land can make a path impassable. There is no loading time for battles, and the screen doesn't jump to another just because a battle starts. Critics call this a kidish game, when in fact it really isn't as much. I agree there is a little cute undertone to it, the story itself is original and not really understood by kids. What other game makes a giant key the weapon, disney characters allies, and doors connecting worlds that darkness is trying to consume? Not a one. You can tell when FF fanboys are crying over it because they WILL mention the small cameos from FF games and say it is popular just because of that. Frankly, I didn't buy this game because I could fight Cloud in the battle arena as well as sephiroth, and I don't think anyone really has. That is their excuse for having no good excuse to not like this great game. Or just got miffed because they didn't let you use a FF character, which is most likely the case.
I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 2 here in the US. I am getting a copy as soon as it comes out.
by mattblack January 5, 2006
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One of the best video games I have ever played. The graphics are awesome, the story line is great, and the villians are bad. Its what got me into FFX. I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 2.
It took me 72 total hours to beat Kingdom Hearts. Three days of my life well spent.
by Justin77MS November 22, 2005
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An amazing video game that will steal your heart ;)
but the 2nd one is better.
person 1: have you played kingdom hearts???

person 2: dude i am a heartless!
by stupid answer December 23, 2011
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