Troller's remorse is the feeling you get when you antagonize and troll some poor unsuspecting victim on a forum, game, chat room, or in person verbally and feel like a really big jerk afterward.

This feeling is usually accompanied by an overwhelming desire to apologize to the victim.
Troll: "You are so stupid and dumb, man I am so much better than you at everything ever."

Victim: "Man, that is so rude!"

Troll: "Yeah you're right I'm feeling some intense troller's remorse, sorry man."
by Zalipher October 5, 2012
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Old rich dude that scours the bar or gym bait looking for a hot young trophy wife, or trophy ass.
Look at the trophy troller moving in on the hottie by the stairclimber. There's no way that kitten's going to take the sugar daddy bait.
by Kdog Jax August 11, 2010
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A troller dog is someone in league of legends or any other popular online video game who acts like a total retard on purpose.
You see him flash over to kill that ward?

Yeah man he's a troller dog
by Troller dog March 11, 2016
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One who is old enough to be a grandfather to the jail bait he follows on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.
Who is that old guy on your page, what a creeper.. Total Stroller troller.
by Futureghst-MJC March 25, 2015
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a trolling organization that is run by the founding members named yes and no.
trollers of ohio has an official subreddit called r/trollersofohio
trollers of ohio originated in zanesville ohio and has since expanded out to many other ohio cities like columbus, newark, heath, and nashport.
trollers of ohio member 1: have you heard of trollers of ohio?
random guy: yea! it's that trolling organization in ohio.
by yesyes11024 April 14, 2022
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Troller Coaster is a play on the word troll.
If you are on a chat site being a troll to over 3 people in a row, then you are being a troller coaster, or causing one.
Dude, I was on and I was causing a huge troller coaster xD
by ThehPivoteer July 23, 2009
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It started as a small Twitter joke, then became a huge troll cult that includes romanians . They are mostly seen in Discord, Twitter and Reddit making meaningless and cock jokes.
romanian 1 : so are you planning on become a the trollers of romania ?
romanian 2 : yes, definitely. as a member of Romani ancestry community, i shall become a the troller of romania and make memes.
by Wylodes May 5, 2021
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