When you continuously troll a single person more than once in a single session.
Dave: Dude, I just trolled Jenna five times.
Mark: Haha, looks like you gave her a ride on the Troller Coaster.
by Troll or Die July 17, 2012
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Contrary to Arno's delusional beliefs, he is NOT a master troller. On the contrary, this man engages in extremely low intelligence plots to attempt to fool others. Little does he know that his so-called "trolls" fail miserably 99% of the time, as the subject of his attempts only plays along because they feel bad about Arno's low mental capacity.

Upon completing his "trolls", he starts to spam "mad cuz trolled trollface" and "trolololo" to assert his "dominance".

Stay clear of this man if you value your mental health: Research has shown that when a person is exposed to Arno's high-frequency braincell loss, the person's own brain starts leaking braincells as well.

If you are worried of accidentally coming into contact with Arno The Troller, please consider purchasing the ArnoDetection™ Geiger Counter.
I saw in the news that Arno The Troller is in town, have you bought your ArnoDetection™ Geiger Counter yet?
by zilianthegreat February 10, 2021
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When a person runs out of ideas for places to visit on the internet - email's been checked, no one's on facebook, etc. This can lead to staring blankly at your computer screens or resulting in visits to sites like chatroulette or 4chan, just to waste time.
Guy 1: ... *staring at computer screen*
Guy 2: Dude, you ok?
Guy 1: Yeah, I just have troller's block.
Guy 2: Oh that sucks. Have you tried lemonparty.com?
Guy 1: No, but I'm desperate, so I'll check it out.

Mindfuck ensues.
by OhGodYourSpelling August 31, 2010
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A person who accidentally pisses off people - mostly women - without meaning to or being aware of it .

Unlike trolling - which is on the Internet .. Accidental troller can also be in the real non-cyber world outside of the Internet .
James: hey WTs up?
Will : Anna is pissed off me , I don't know why !
James : didnt u piss off Samantha too
Will : yeah ..
James : god ! You're such an accidental troller !
by Riddle211 June 16, 2013
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The former method of transportation of Trolls, now they use message boards to surf the web
A troll tried to ride the Troller Coaster, but since it was soo old, the Coaster collapsed and the troll died, and respawned with only 7 lives left
by AnnexTheFrikinZero December 26, 2012
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A person who lives in the culver city area and dedicates a portion of his time to wasting the time of others. One who constantly recruits apprentice trolls by carrying out conversations with no intention to formulate or actualize in real life the ideas discussed. Upon being called out for his trolling actions, the master-troller uses the ignorance plea and when he is granted the benefit of the doubt....boom, he strikes again!
Mr. Spenc upgraded to a Master-Troller after maicol fell for his conversation about stonks for four consecutive days.
by R-duarte February 19, 2021
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