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A boy that probably skates, has his nails painted w rings, wears beanies, maybe has a cute egirl girlfriend, always wearing vans and long sleeves or hoodies under tshirts, their hair is sometimes parted down the middle. They basically only exist on the internet unfortunately but we can still appreciate them on instagram:(

eboys: “I listen to brockhampton and lil peep👁👅👁”
by russ is annoying February 05, 2019
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A boy who generally lives on TikTok and only gets likes for his beautiful face.
One earring

Chain with lock on it
angry face but soft boi
Long sleeved stripy top under baggy top with picture on it.
Black chipped nail polish

E boys are usually on the look out for an e girl and will use the loveheart eyeliner stamp to attract their attention.
e boys are just desperate for attention but we are still happy to give it because they are gorgeous <3
‘He’s such an e boy haha’
‘Don’t mess with me I’m a big boy now and I’m very scary’
‘Actually my names marina
*punches wall softly
by Mothertruckerdudeeee March 13, 2019
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A boy who has black painted nails, skates, wears black clothes and chains and beanies, and they sometimes have their hair parted down the middle, and their usually rlly pale. They got striped Longsleeves or checkered sweaters under their T-shirt’s. They listen to music you “probably haven’t heard of” AKA lil peep. They complain about not having a gorh gf and seem to only exist on the internet (mostly Instagram and tik tok nowadays). In their room u will find LED strip lights hanging above their bed, and holes in their walls. Vans, thrasher, zumiez, and hot topic r their lord and saviour. Basically goth but they don’t get made fun of as much as someone who calls themself goth since their seen as cute by girls nowadays. They also think their a poet and express their weird opinions on Twitter. Basically the boy version of the “I’m not like other girls saying”.
In conclusion, eboys r the new and improved goth cult that only live on the internet. If u happen to see one in person, consider urself lucky cuz that’s close to impossible.

Have a good day now, my doods :)
No one: I-
Random eboy: i LiSteN tO lIl pEeP, hAve a TiktOk, aNd wEaR vAns. iM wEird. iM a WeIrdo. I DonT fIt iN. I DonT wAnt To fIt iN.
by uwu woo March 10, 2019
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Often seeking the attention of eGirls they born and raised on Twitter where they gain exponential amounts of attention from eGirls, and still complain about being lonely only to get with eGirls and get nudes. Often good looking and a FuckBoy, but only online.
Yo where does K3v1n keeps getting all these nudes from"
all the eGirls, did he not tell you he's an eBoy?
by LordFinnese November 19, 2016
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basically an edgy boy, will definitely own a long sleeved striped t-shirt, a thrasher shirt, plaid pants/shirt and dr martens. probably has his nails painted black and really messy hair.
Omg i love e-boys, when will you turn into one? I wanna see you wear striped t-shirts underneath a thrasher shirt and chains on ur jeans uwu
via giphy
by memelord666420333 February 20, 2019
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a really cute boy who is typically dressed in jeans vans and a sweatshirt with a shirt on top. they are crazy hot and irresistible. usaually they only exist on the internet. when they are in real life they have super cute girlfriends and are crazy about them.
e-boys are super cute.

*sees a cute guy*

“wow he must be a e-boy”
by me dude March 07, 2019
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E-boys are boys on the internet who hit on girls on the internet. They constantly brag about having nudes from esluts yet you can tell that they spent hours and hours, asking people for the imgur link. (cough) These boys will have multiple girls added. Sometimes in drastic cases, the boy will be talking to his friends and if you mention a girl, he will go through everyone's friendslist just to add the girl and then tell her "Yeah my friend sent me."

Basically, these people are overall jokes and should just stop trying to be alpha as fuck when they aren't even .000006th of a real man.
girlgamer69: "Hey, this guy added me and he said that his friend you sent him..."
You: "He is an e-boy, he adds every girl and tries to get nudes. Dont talk to him."
by :^^^) July 31, 2017
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