A stage troller is a singer or musician who hangs off to the side, or makes passes across the front of the stage area, while other bands are playing. They do this in hopes of being asked up to make a “guest appearance”.

This is a common behavior where the person can be content to being a spectator, but has to show everyone in attendance that he/she is a “star” too. They will usually overstay their welcome if asked to join the band for a song, and their presence becomes awkward.
Man, did you see Geoff last night, making his rounds on the dance floor in front of the band? He’s such a stage troller!

The show was going great last night until the band invited a stage troller up for a song and he wouldn’t leave!
by Richter Ass October 13, 2021
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A troll who likes to lay on the pain very thickly, in a smooth coating that dries quickly.
The pain troller laid it on thick.
by jbum December 5, 2018
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Basically the N word for people who troll.
you're such a troller!

don't be so intolerant
by HomelessFish139 August 2, 2022
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1. He is not just a troll he is a troller roller.
2. He trolled me so hard he earned the title of troller roller
by trollopolis January 21, 2010
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People who use urban dictionary to minge or troll.
"Yesterday i was urban troller this noob on css last night XD."
by That Guy777777 March 8, 2010
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