A person from Romani descent. An ethnic race with origins from India. They are an often persecuted and hated people among outsiders or gadji (Romani term for non-Romani) due to the immense prejudice and derogatory stereo-types believed by most people.
Gadje: who are Romani ?
Us: we are the biggest minority in Europe.
by E.stera May 2, 2022
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An amazing guy who always makes you smile definitely a gentleman the sweetest person you’ll ever meet for sure!
Omg Romani is the fucking best!
by You know it’s me ❤️ November 12, 2019
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A nice guy who is funny, bipolar, has a warm heart, at the same time he still a shone
by Bouncealotjack September 15, 2019
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The correct word to use when referring to the ethnicity commonly called "gypsy". "Romany" comes from the Romany word "rom" which means "man" or "person". The Romany originally came from Rajasthan in India and started their diaspora to Western Europe and further afield after the downfall of the Byzantine empire in the 13th century AD. One of the closest languages related to Romany is Hindi.
The Romany woman fell asleep in her vardo as the radio played Bollywood melodies.
by pentozali December 27, 2011
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She is hot and sexy shes not a slag tho all the boys are on her and she never has a boyfriend not even joking Romanies also has a big booty
The romanie girl is the hottest in school
by Tyrone kariakril January 29, 2018
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A sweet short eclectic girl with an awesome sense of fashion and music who is very loving
by abg007 January 16, 2009
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