A fictitious word commonly used by football announcers to make themselves feel intelligent. When the word they actually mean to say is: Trickery. But we all know that most announcers never learned anything in school and just focused on football all day long.
Football Announcer: That play was just filled with trickeration!

TV announcer: Doesn't he mean to say Trickery?
by Understanding english October 23, 2010
Involving the use of trickery and swindling.
That test had alot of trickeration in it.
by Austin December 2, 2004
Adj. Used to describe an historic night of prostitution (trick-turning).
Pimp - Damn bitch! Twenty fo' hundred dollars, that is some muthafuckin' trickeration. Now come over here and let me reward you with some of this dick.
by rlamanna November 14, 2012
When a person of which you are in a relationship with makes a statement that tends to imply you are failing in the relationship.

One should note that it tends to be a female act, though rarely males have also used it.
Example 1.
Female: "What movie would you like to see?"
Male: "I want to see Transformers!"
Female: "Oh, I was hoping to see The Notebook, but thats fine too."

Male: "God damn it...Trickerizer..."

Example 2.

Male: "Hey babe, Im going out with my friends tonight!"
Female: "Oh... Okay, well have fun I guess."
Male: "God Damn it...Trickerizer..."

Example 3.
Male: "Hey we should play Halo tonight!!"
Female: "Oh... I was thinking we should watch a movie with my family, but sure we can play halo..."
Male: "God damn it...Trickerizer..."

Example 4.
Male: "Hey babe, lets go to a handcuff party!"
Female: "So I can see you get handcuffed to some slutty girl and hit on you?"
Male: "Its not like that, Im sorry, Okay we won't go..."
Female: "No no, its okay, we can go... for you.."
Male: "God damn it...Trickerizer..."
by Swarmed November 24, 2009
Before you know it, Sasha will trickerize you out of all your money. That slut.
by sashaaafierce April 13, 2010
a once-popular dance; song by that title recorded by Cab Calloway on October 20, 1931
Just follow me,
And you will see,
What folks in Harlem
Call Trickeration.

Don't mean a thing,
This crazy swing,
Latest thing in Harlem,

Rhythm, look what you went and done,
Rhythm, you are the guilty one.

Another phrase,
Just another craze,
Everyone in Harlem
Does Trickeration.
by Nelson Hernandez January 22, 2004