a national holiday

as it is my fucking birthday

so every one send me 5 bucks
on October 20 you will send RSCountDeMoney 5 bucks or more
by BellasaurusTheJust October 19, 2019
if your friend is really annoying, this is the day to slap them!
Jake: blake ima slap you one day.
Blake: when?
Jake: on October 20th
Blake: why
Jake: Because your hella annoying.
by ××aquarius×× October 17, 2019
It’s October 20 national kiss ur gf on the cheek day
by CreekChubTheMan01 October 20, 2019
The cutest and hottest girl/boy was born on this day and they are so pretty
Omg she’s/he’s hot they must be born on October 20
by Alex mass November 5, 2019
October 20th is national gay day, be as gay as you want no one will give a shit cause it’s gay day.
October 20
Susan kissed Wendy cause she’s gay as hell on National gay day
by Bible man October 15, 2019
national throw a tampon at someone day is on October 20
i just threw a tampon at someone because it is October 20
by funnytampon October 15, 2019