Trickery is when someone lies and decieves like when you are trying to fool someone or lie to someone.
*Don't try to trick me with your trickery!
*Think you're slick with all your trickery you trickster!
*Chris tried to trick everyone with his trickery but he is not a good trickster so we were not tricked.
by KyleyJ113 February 15, 2008
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Trickery is when girls use deceptive pictures on Instagram to make it seem like they are prettier than they actually are.
Tim: Wow, Julia is so hot! Have you seen her recent post on Instagram?
John: Let me see....oh my she's a smokeshow.

*2 days later

Tim: I saw Julia today and she looked like a completely different person.
John: Different in a good way?
Tim: No, I almost threw up. Her Instagram was so deceptive! Such trickery!!!
by Hockey1999 April 18, 2017
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Using a position of authority as a means to take advantage of a person or a people by gaining their confidence. Trickery is often used by politicians, police officers and other authority figures to gain support while unwittingly manipulating and oppressing those very same people who are subject to their control. Trickery often involves use of the phrase "Trust me, I'm a _______"
Police officer: "Your friends over there already told me that you did that thing, so why don't you just confess and make it easier for all of us, you can trust me, I'm a police officer"

Citizen: "Oh really, hmm… yeah, ok, I'm sorry, I did just do that thing"


Citizen: "OH NO! I should never have fallen for your police trickery! FML"

Congressman: "don't worry people, we've got this whole economy/budget situation under control… Trust me, I'm in congress. This stuff is far too complicated for a simpleton like you to understand. Now just vote for Prop X and everything will be fine"
by swaino August 11, 2010
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In volleyball, a player sets the ball up for another player who jumps up in order to spike it over the net. The ball, however, goes over the net without aid and everyone on the court is caught off guard; even the spiker and setter didn't know that was going down.

In order to cover up the the setter's poor (but lucky) play, that team calls the maneuver 'trickery.'

mastered in Geick Park, OB.
I can't believe I defined fucking trickery on urbandictionary.
by The Trickster August 18, 2008
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The action of committing a Trick, in a Trickster fashion.
by Debi Lee December 5, 2019
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Adj. Meaning someone with incredible prowess in the realm of being a trickster. An example of a trickery creature is a catlizard, or an extremely stealthy human. Can be confused with the noun Trickery.
"That guy is so trickery , look at the way he stealths around like a catlizard!"
by Derval June 14, 2008
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mastering the art of deception through a lie
Kim told Jamie she was at her inlaws. Jen told Jamie she was at her moms. Kim & Jen were really shopping at the mall together. That was serious trickery they played on jamie.
by snottiepants January 23, 2006
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