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Iron Cobra 40 oz. + Sparks Energy Drink = Trash Monkey
Alcoholic combo drink. This drink is based on a brass monkey but has been modified into a better tasting combo. First, buy a forty oz. of Iron Cobra, or any other malt liquor, also purchase a Sparks alcoholic energy drink. Next, open the forty and drink it to the lable. Following this, open your Sparks and at an angle dump the contents of the Sparks into your forty. After all of the Sparks has made it into the forty, put the cap back on give it a flip and procede to drink.
Man, that Trash-Monkey I drank last night kicked my ass.
by Nicholas Q. August 06, 2007
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A trash monkey is what you label yourself when you've had a wild night out, have gone on a bender or when you've ended up at a bar on a Monday for no reason except to toss back several cold ones with your buds even though you all have work tomorrow. Basically, all college kids are trash monkeys.
"Come out and be a trash monkey with us!"

"Let's get after it and be trash monkeys this weekend"

"Shots on a Monday? You're a trash monkey."
by trashmonkey1 August 09, 2019
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an alcoholic beverage; when one drinks a forty ounce malt liquor beverage enough to fill it up again, but with an energy/ alcoholic beverage, e.i. a four loco, and then continuing the consumption of said beverage.
King Cobra + Tilt= drunkedness

I got day blasted off that trash monkey.
by dr. savage, trust me i'm a dr January 13, 2010
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A trash monkey is the equivalent of calling someone a rat dog but 50x worse. When you say it you need to sound like a drunk ke$ha.
โ€œGod your such a fucking trash monkeyโ€
by God_is_a_trash_monkey December 12, 2018
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