a) A safehouse.
b) A place where a stash of drugs or money is kept (usually a girl's house) in order to avoid having it stolen or busted.
c) A place that can be easily accessed at any time and few know about.
d) Sometimes a place to do deals but not frequently to avoid making it "hot".
e) Not to be confused with a crib because a real trapstar doesn't want his house to have much "stuff" in it because it will become a target for theives, haters, police. (In fact, a trapper doesn't really even want people to know where his crib or his trap(s) are.)
"I gotta stop by the trap real quick to weigh out this "cuttie" for dude."

"You need two O's? Okay I got them at the trap, I'll be right back."
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
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The place where illegal drugs are sold. The term comes from how difficult it is to escape that lifestyle.
"Life in the trap is no joke. It's a hustle and violence is part of the game."
by freeog December 20, 2015
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One's regular haunts. The places one frequents or is associated with.

Old fashioned Australian slang, usually phrased as around the traps.
"News from around the traps is that Sally is bonking Frank"

"Haven't seen you around these here traps for a while!"
by Heath Raftery May 07, 2008
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A guy that can be mistaked for a chick.
You don't really find out their sex unless they tell you, OR you find out yourself.
by killakyraskeetskeet July 17, 2010
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1)A very convincing crossdresser who doesn't tell you she's a he or he's a she until you've already got his or her pants off. This type of trap is usually gay, unless he thinks he's a lesbian.

2)A person who is viewed as trans by others but does not identify as the opposite gender; A boy who looks so girly or a girl who looks so butch that they are referred to, treated as, & often made to dress as the opposite gender despite countless protesting by the trap. Traps will want to use their own gender's bathroom or changing room but will often be told by others to use the other to avoid confusing strangers. This is a common Moe trope found increasingly in harem anime & manga. This type is usually not gay.
Baka to Test was the first anime where the trap of the harem actually had the best shot of being the "best girl." (Type 2 Trap).

Nishina, the trap from Kiss Him Not Me, was the first time a trap was ever a believable threat to the real boys in a reverse harem series & not just added in as a joke. (Type 1 Trap).
by ThatEvilRedhead April 16, 2017
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The word "Trap" has been assigned many roles as far back as the early 1700s with traps becoming a mainstream term for combat weapons.

This however is the definition of the 2017 variation of the word "Trap".

The 2017 term Trap has been linked together with the terms crossdressing and femboy. The term Trap means that a male decided to pose as a female to 'Trap' other men into their grasp and reveal the truth when it is way too late. This is not to be confused with the terms listed in the latter after Trap.

The terms listed apply to those who wish for nothing more than to wear feminine clothing. Malicious usage of the clothes is a form of lying and Trapping.
"Poor guy, he fell for a trap."
"You couldn't tell it was a trap to begin with? Well too late buddy, you're gay."
by Theananilator September 27, 2017
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a picture or actual person inciting you to become sexually interested in a woman when further down the line its revealed that it was a man.
in bourbon st. new orleans you will see women with titties exposed, dressed like hookers, but they are a trap. their dicks bigger than yours!
by viciousk July 30, 2009
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