Trap: A place where you go to buy or sell drugs. Typicallyin the hood.
"Now I was born in the belly of the bottom of the map,
Where the wet paint drip jelly on pirelliz an the chrome on the Chevy when I'm choppin in the trap":ludacriss-Georgia

by Andrew ANGG June 25, 2006
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Traps are men who looks and dresses as a girl. This "Traps" other men to be attracted to them, which is gay, but other people say its not because they look like a girl. Although there are some in real life, Traps are mostly found in Anime where a guy dresses up as a school girl and there's a shocking revelation that they're a guy.

*This is different from being Transgender*
In the anime, Trapidemi High school (Not an Actual Anime), there a band of high school traps that seem like normal high school girls by day, but by night they vanquish evil with their most deadly trap power, the element of surprise.
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by BuffRemington January 02, 2018
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place where illegal activities like drug deals can be carried out.
"Meet me in the trap it's goin' down" - Yung Joc
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
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A cisgender person who does a very convincing job of passing as the opposite sex (ie. a crossdresser).

According to Knowyourmeme, the word was coined in the early 2000's from the meme "IT'S A TRAP"; it was, and still is, primarily used by anime and video game communities to refer to effeminate male characters, such as Bridget from Guilty Gear, who look so feminine as to fool fans into thinking that they are actually women.

However, "trap" has drawn criticism from the trans community, with many insisting that it is (or in some cases, always was) intended as a slur towards trans people (ironically, the trans community originally co-opted the word for themselves, likely before realizing the connotations it carried). While calling a trans person a trap does reflect a mindset that gets trans people abused or killed, it should be noted that a word being considered derogatory in one context does not make it derogatory in all other contexts.
Person 1: "Bruh, Hideri is best trap"

Person 2: "Uuummmm tr*p is a transphobic SLUR that reflects a mentality that gets trans people KILLED, and I will report you for hate speech if you use it again"

Person 1: "But I was talking about a crossdresser, not a tran-"

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by Alpha Shitlord April 08, 2020
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When someone follows you to get a follow back on Instagram. Then in one hour they unfollow.
Shit i just got trapped by this insta girl
by ThatSpookyGangster November 01, 2018
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1. A male of whom appears or dresses in a feminine way in order to lead people to believe he is female.
(Usually, traps fool unsuspecting teens into fucking them. However when the pants come off, the unsuspecting teens freak out)
John: Dude that girl is so fucking fine!
Al: FUCK, I think she's a trap, dude.
John: Shit I was gonna fuck it, too.
by AustinAech July 18, 2006
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