someone who lives next a zoo.
Santa: who is a bad person?
Obama : Louis from "Left 4 Dead"
zzirGrizz: o shit its obama
by DIHARREA CHA CHA CHA October 9, 2010
1. One who has done something so reprehensible that the very quality of their character and/or their immortal soul is called into question.
Ash totally shut Jennie out of her conversation at the diner. I'm beginning to think that she's a bad person.
by ash the cuntmuffin November 11, 2006
A bad person is someone who doesn’t pay their share of the rent. Someone who tries to kick you out, belittle you or steal your sentimental items from your bedroom
Kobe didn’t pay his rent because he’s a bad person
by Ya hoe mj September 12, 2018
The opposite of a good person. A bad person treats others badly and act only for themselves.
Boy oh boy, Nicole sure isn't a good person. I guess she could be a bad person.
by WutWutintheButt March 9, 2015
Bad person is somebody who kicks a cat or doesn't say thank you at the shop counter when they receive there recite.
IISythee: *Kicks cat*

Creamy0_0: "You're a bad person"
by IISythee (Roblox) March 29, 2018
A person who is laughing at a medical diagnosis or laughed at medical diagnosis
Their laughing at a medical diagnosis.their a bad person
by RedDreams December 13, 2019
Opposite of a good person but still has a nice heart.
Arman isn’t a bad person he just needs to realise he has time to change the way he acts.
by Xxsaucyxxxxx April 13, 2019