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adj form of cisgender

The opposite of transgendered, someone who is cisgendered has a gender identity that agrees with their societally recognized sex.

Many transgender people prefer "cisgender" to "biological", "genetic", or "real" male or female because of the implications of those words. Using the term "biological female" or "genetic female" to describe cisgendered individuals excludes transgendered men, who also fit that description. To call a cisgendered woman a "real woman" is exclusive of transwomen, who are considered within their communities to be "real" women, also.
Some of my friends are trans, but I'm cisgendered.
by genevieved May 25, 2006
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not having a mental disorder and deciding to not be a transgender and sticking to your biological gender
Tony: hey man are you transgender
Byran: no man i dont have a mental disorder like the transgender people
Tony: oh so your cisgendered
Bryan: yah
by LGBTQ hater July 05, 2018
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