adj form of cisgender

The opposite of transgendered, someone who is cisgendered has a gender identity that agrees with their societally recognized sex.

Many transgender people prefer "cisgender" to "biological", "genetic", or "real" male or female because of the implications of those words. Using the term "biological female" or "genetic female" to describe cisgendered individuals excludes transgendered men, who also fit that description. To call a cisgendered woman a "real woman" is exclusive of transwomen, who are considered within their communities to be "real" women, also.
Some of my friends are trans, but I'm cisgendered.
by genevieved May 25, 2006
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Someone who identifies with their assigned gender at birth. That’s literally it, everyone chill out.
Zach is cisgender.
by evilhorse November 26, 2019
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A word the trans community came up with because saying "normal people" was too self-deprecating.

Usually used with a toxic, acidic tone.
1. All of you cisgender people need to stay in your own lane.
2. I didn't ask any of you cisgender people what you thought about transgender issues.
by SHED75 July 25, 2021
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an adjective for someone whose gender corresponds to their assigned sex
I am perfectly comfortable identifying as the gender my parents put on my birth certificate. I am cisgender.
by djentlequeer March 02, 2015
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Cisgender (often abbreviated to simply cis) is a term for people whose experiences of their own gender agree with the sex they were assigned at birth. Cisgender may also be defined as those who have "a gender identity or perform a gender role society considers appropriate for one's sex."
Many also noticed a shift in their friendships after they transitioned, with some struggling to make friends with cisgender men, unsure of the social cues of male friendship.
by CheshireRaptor May 17, 2016
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A derogatory term used to refer to straight men and women by non binary people and their allies as an attempt to detract from the simple fact that straight is the default setting.
Lesbian comedian: Any cisgendered men here tonight?

Straight man: yo
Lesbian comedian: Well shut the fuck up.
by lamestllama March 07, 2021
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When a person identifies as the sex they were assigned at birth.
Alex was assigned male, and still identifies as male. This makes him cisgender.
by Alooooxxxx May 21, 2018
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