Not specifically a place where drugs are sold, rather, The ghetto, specifically the ghetto in Atlanta. Called the trap because people there are stuck in a cycle of selling drugs and hustling to survive, and are therefore "trapped" and unable to leave and make a better life for themselves.
by Adam J. October 02, 2006
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A man who dresses like a woman and is somewhat feminine in appearance. Could almost be mistaken for a woman until you are in the bedroom with one. Watch out for these types, they are usually afraid to get intimate because you might discover their little 'secret', but sooner or later you find out the truth!
Fap Fap Fap IT's a trap!
by Michaels V September 08, 2007
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A type of music using typical drum beats. 1/3 hip-hop, 1/3 dubstep, 1/3 dub.
Razihel - Legends is my new favourite trap song!!
by KorSide May 13, 2015
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the act of going to a place in order to make money by selling drugs or other items, most often illegally. common areas are busy street corners, shopping centers, aparment complexes, and any place of commonly large gatherings of people.
My boy needed some money so he copped an O to go to the mall and trap.
by JWalk January 07, 2005
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When you send sexual picture to someone.
Damn kim traps are fye asl.
by Hh Hbbh March 09, 2017
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VERB; 1.) PARTYING HARD (most common use).

NOUN; 1.) Place, usually a run-down dwelling, where drugs are sold.

2.) The mouth.

3.) A man that looks like a woman.
Verb- 1.) “Dude I’m trappin’ out right now”
Noun- 1.) “We’re at the trap house”

2.) “Shut your trap

3.) “Yo, that hooker last night turned out to be a trap”
via giphy
by shradtownboi April 13, 2018
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A house in the inner city that has boarded up windows that is usually used for selling drugs.
Waka Flocka: Hey gucci mane, let me get an ounce of purp.
Gucci Mane: Yo meet me at the trap later tonight.
by Thewiseone2010 June 20, 2010
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