The word "Trap" has been assigned many roles as far back as the early 1700s with traps becoming a mainstream term for combat weapons.

This however is the definition of the 2017 variation of the word "Trap".

The 2017 term Trap has been linked together with the terms crossdressing and femboy. The term Trap means that a male decided to pose as a female to 'Trap' other men into their grasp and reveal the truth when it is way too late. This is not to be confused with the terms listed in the latter after Trap.

The terms listed apply to those who wish for nothing more than to wear feminine clothing. Malicious usage of the clothes is a form of lying and Trapping.
"Poor guy, he fell for a trap."
"You couldn't tell it was a trap to begin with? Well too late buddy, you're gay."
by Theananilator September 27, 2017
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A girl with a penis. DAMN!
Guy 1: Damn...that girl is fine as hell.
Guy 2: Chill bro, I heard shes a trap.
Guy 1: Don't matter, I LOVE dick.
by #REALTALK June 07, 2013
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Acronym for Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. A State law designed to circumvent a Federal law in favor of someone's narrow political agenda. In this particular case, laws that would likely force all of a state's abortion clinics to close down by forcing them to comply with conditions that are impossible to fullfill, such as requiring all physicians performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital when all local hospitals are unwilling to grant them based on the fact that they are abortion providers. This kind of politics is a danger sign that the extremists have taken over both major parties. Wake up America, these nutjobs want to steal your freedom!
North Dakota, Virginia, Mississippi, and Alabama just got TRAP laws.
by Former Wyeth Again April 16, 2013
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mark: dude that chicks hella hot, imma talk to her
paul: look at that bulge! that chicks a trap
mark: nah man imma get it in
paul: you!
by p.nasty January 12, 2012
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in anime, a boy that is so feminine, he looks like a girl; often more attractive than other girls.
traps aren't gay, because boi pucci
by mynamacleff July 08, 2017
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1. A house that is used to produce, sell and use drugs out of, namely crack cocaine, particularly in areas such as Atlanta or Chicago, although a "trap" could technically be located anywhere.

2. A genre of electronic dance music.

3. A type of southern hip-hop sub-genre that originated in Atlanta, GA. "Drill" is a sub-genre of the sub-genre trap. The genres usually incorporate "dark" sounding synthesizers.

4. Something someone or something gets stuck in.
1. I sell crack out of my "trap".

2. I really like to listen to trap.

3. That guy is a trap rapper.

4. That mouse got stuck in a trap.
by Demitrious Octavion December 15, 2016
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