a slang term for the trapeziod muscle found between the neck and the shoulder...
Wholly shit....look at waughs traps!! what a fuckin' beast.....RAHHHH
by kablahhhhh July 25, 2006
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A place or neighbourhood where drugs transactions take place.
When I grow up, I am gonna try to get out of this trap.
by D-Stew May 26, 2006
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means grinding,often used in the south.The act of hustling and making money by profit.Also see trapstar
Shit my boy im bout to gone head and trap,shit get this money.

Young Jeezy-"Trap all day with no lunch break"
by Kristin Brown Lil Miss Thug August 08, 2005
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A word popular in the anime community to describe characters who look the opposite gender. It applies to both males and females, though it is most commonly used for male characters who present female.

While the word is only meant to apply to characters who identify as the opposite of how they appear physically, the term has become notorious in the LGBTQ+ community as people begun using the word as a slur towards transgender women.
Person A: Wow, this character is so pretty!
Person B: You know she's actually a dude right?
Person A: Oh... It's a trap.
by 777roach777 April 10, 2019
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Is a spot to sell drugs where. people get high and hangout
We where at the trap last night,l made $ 500 selling crack the whole crew was there getting wasted.
by Rick Party February 04, 2017
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