1. A male of whom appears or dresses in a feminine way in order to lead people to believe he is female.
(Usually, traps fool unsuspecting teens into fucking them. However when the pants come off, the unsuspecting teens freak out)
John: Dude that girl is so fucking fine!
Al: FUCK, I think she's a trap, dude.
John: Shit I was gonna fuck it, too.
by AustinAech July 18, 2006
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A young boy who, due to insecurity, dresses up and pretends to be a girl. Usually are femenine in their appearence and over shy.

The anime definition is a boy dressed as a girl to encourage viewers to question their own sexuality when they find out they've been fapping to...yes...a boy
Mark-hey joe do you think that girl is sexy?
Mark-its a trap

(index is a trap)
by Kloke March 13, 2009
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1)A very convincing crossdresser who doesn't tell you she's a he or he's a she until you've already got his or her pants off. This type of trap is usually gay, unless he thinks he's a lesbian.

2)A person who is viewed as trans by others but does not identify as the opposite gender; A boy who looks so girly or a girl who looks so butch that they are referred to, treated as, & often made to dress as the opposite gender despite countless protesting by the trap. Traps will want to use their own gender's bathroom or changing room but will often be told by others to use the other to avoid confusing strangers. This is a common Moe trope found increasingly in harem anime & manga. This type is usually not gay.
Baka to Test was the first anime where the trap of the harem actually had the best shot of being the "best girl." (Type 2 Trap).

Nishina, the trap from Kiss Him Not Me, was the first time a trap was ever a believable threat to the real boys in a reverse harem series & not just added in as a joke. (Type 1 Trap).
by ThatEvilRedhead April 16, 2017
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Referring to either a Transsexual woman (ie: chick with a dick), or a cross dresser that looks passable as a woman.
this here is Trap country, those are guys.
by Fujio June 13, 2010
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a girl under the age of 18, under the legal age.
G: Heeey girl wassup!
G2: Dude that girls a trap!
G: How can you tell?
G2: She has a pacifier!
by MrFeeney July 23, 2009
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