means grinding,often used in the south.The act of hustling and making money by profit.Also see trapstar
Shit my boy im bout to gone head and trap,shit get this money.

Young Jeezy-"Trap all day with no lunch break"
by Kristin Brown Lil Miss Thug August 08, 2005
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Trap: A place where you go to buy or sell drugs. Typicallyin the hood.
"Now I was born in the belly of the bottom of the map,
Where the wet paint drip jelly on pirelliz an the chrome on the Chevy when I'm choppin in the trap":ludacriss-Georgia

by Andrew ANGG June 25, 2006
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TRAPS are fuck'n gay dude. TRAPS can be defined as a girls with a cock, guys dressed as a hot girl, or a trans ni🅱️🅱️a with a shlong.
TRAPS are gay

You're gay if you like TRAPS

You're mom gay because she like TRAPS
by TRAPS R GAYY February 28, 2018
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1. A house that is used to produce, sell and use drugs out of, namely crack cocaine, particularly in areas such as Atlanta or Chicago, although a "trap" could technically be located anywhere.

2. A genre of electronic dance music.

3. A type of southern hip-hop sub-genre that originated in Atlanta, GA. "Drill" is a sub-genre of the sub-genre trap. The genres usually incorporate "dark" sounding synthesizers.

4. Something someone or something gets stuck in.
1. I sell crack out of my "trap".

2. I really like to listen to trap.

3. That guy is a trap rapper.

4. That mouse got stuck in a trap.
by Demitrious Octavion December 15, 2016
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in anime, a boy that is so feminine, he looks like a girl; often more attractive than other girls.
traps aren't gay, because boi pucci
by mynamacleff July 08, 2017
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Is a spot to sell drugs where. people get high and hangout
We where at the trap last night,l made $ 500 selling crack the whole crew was there getting wasted.
by Rick Party February 05, 2017
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