Capital of Germany w/ 3,5 million inhabitants and an estimated 150.000 daily transfrontier commuters.
Founded in the year 1250, Berlin was split up in two halfs after the Berlin Wall was raised in 1961. After the reunification in 1990, Berlin is legally accepted capital as it was before the split.

Berlin today is said to be one of the most pulsating and exciting cities in the world.
by Dobedobedo August 3, 2005
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Berlin - capital of germany and one of the most inspiring cities in the world!

meanings: multicultural, multifaceted

best place for love, fun, action, chill out,

intelligence, friends, acquaintances, living,

holiday, male, female, food, drink, together,

danger: can take breath away, can make you want to stay

forever, make everything else look less important

can make you fall in love, can make you feel

infinite or enlightened
boy: wanna marry me?
girl: o my god!! you are so berlin!! breathtaking
by survivalofthefittest September 30, 2011
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Im going to Berlin for Christmas to find the Chandelier Dwight stashed there
by busterbitch June 11, 2020
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Can be defined as the capital of Germany; the name of a beautiful goddess child. A sexy beast If you will. Mess with a Berlin, and you'll get your ass beat! Don't fuck with her. Berlin's love money. When her birthday comes around, everyone better make it fucking rain! Benjamins by the hour. They love to have fun and don't like somebody to ruin it. They are goofy and love to have close by friends and family. Be generous to Berlin's and she will give back!
My name is Berlin and I have the best name ever! Very unique
by Volleyballqueen1233 February 8, 2017
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She is a beautiful,sexy,girl and she is smart and uses her amazing voice to get men,everybody loves her but she only loves, she has amazing curves and is sassy though she will deny it,
Who's that angel over there

That's not an angel that's Berlin
by loganwilliams January 26, 2019
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u want to know more about berlin? listen to peter fox.
by roolf January 15, 2012
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A very hot girl that has a really nice ass and body. Berlin is very lovable, she loves everyone and everyone loves berlin. Berlin usually has a nice hot bf that tells her how beautiful she is but she won’t belive him no matter what. If you have a berlin in you life keep her. Berlin is a horney but also a cuddly girl.
Holy shit look at Berlin, she’s looking hot today.
by Jsjdhdndkskkansndnjs August 20, 2018
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