A result of harm or damage. A negative effect.
He was elected to the detriment of every burrough in New York.. She thought that her brains were a detriment to her appeal.
by byline November 13, 2013
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Detrimental is an adjective that means harmful or tending to cause harm. It can also be used to mean prejudicial, disadvantageous or counterproductive.
Most people realise that smoking is detrimental to your health.
by AKACroatalin July 13, 2015
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1- N. The act and/or process of causing harm or damage to everyone around you in a Call of Duty game.
GGlogics keeps failing to properly setup the rules for the game, therefore, he is the definition of detrimentalism.
by imNACHO December 4, 2014
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i group or gang of 5-10 people usually killing anything in thier path.
by ej December 6, 2004
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The opposite of friends with benefits. A close friend who relies on you emotionally but there is no physical intimacy Involved. See also: HMNR.
I've known Leila for three years. She calls me up to talk whenever she has a fight with one of the losers she happens to be seeing. I like her a lot but we are totally just friends with detriments.
by aegiswings December 5, 2008
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the opposite of a friend with benefits. this a person with whom you maintain some form of emotional (hopefully mutual) relationship, but for whatever reason has ceased the physical (sexual) aspects. it may be an on again off again situation or just one that has stagnated to no longer manifest itself in physical affection though for some god forsaken reason still won't die completely. inexplicably these arrangements call for mutual exclusivity resulting in two sexually unsatisfied parties
I totally would've hooked up with that chick but I still got this friends with detriments thing going with suzy
by thetommyshow April 6, 2010
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