Shut your trap bitch! A term used when you no longer want to continue a one way conversation.
Wife:- U Fucking bastard, you were meant to take out the trash!
Husband:- Shut your trap bitch and stop naging me!
by UD rocks April 18, 2009
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a phrase used to by people who jusy want to say something. Can be used with 'fucking' to make yourself look cool.
Some guy: So what do you...
by tomledwith April 23, 2006
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Another way to say "Shut up!" When someone rambles. It's so annoying it almost kills you.
Linston: "So then he was like, 'Oh my gosh! So freaking cray-cray. Then..."
Kwongi: "Dude! Shut your death trap."
by JkWiLl May 29, 2015
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