Someone not originally from an area.
The Okies who moved to California in the 1930s were transplants. Their kids that were born in California were first generation Californians.

The family from Ohio were transplants to Florida. Their kids were born in Ohio, so their kids were transplants to Florida.

The guy/girl was from a town 30 minutes away from where he/she lived, so he/she was a transplant to the town, but not to the state.
by Solid Mantis May 11, 2020
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I have to disagree with James, Transplants are the best band since Nirvana
bars cut off and sendin me home (?)

Taken more shots than Carl Malone
Battle looms, your doom, injustice entombed
Who got the diamonds? Who gonna find them?
Who gonna find them when the time comes?
Diamonds and Guns, Diamonds and Guns

it's a wicked world that we live in it's cruel
and unforgiving
it's a wicked world that we live in it's cruel
and unforgiving

Knock, knock, knock, who's that? It's Momma, son
Lookin' for the bitch who took the money and run
Now the daylight's gone and there's no more fun
And who's the fuckin' bitch who stole all the heroin?
Heroin, heroin, it's all gone
Smoked it all up, and now you got none
And now you look around and that's not the plan
This is not what you had in mind

I shot in heaven, now I cry
No one lives forever, in fact we all die
From those who bust shots to those who stuff cops
To those who serve rocks on all the hard blocks

Every last soul must pay the last toll
In the dice game of life, who gets the last roll?
Is it the one with the suit? The one with the sack?
The one who hides behind his fuckin' gun and his badge?
Negative outlook? Well that's how I'm livin'
And like he said, it's a wicked world we live in
It's a wicked world we live in

I'm wiggin out, flippin' out, heart is what I'm rippin' out
I'm slippin' out, I'm dippin' out, killin's what I'm livin' out
Pick 'em, let me pick 'em out, spin and let me whip it out
Gat to your face with the fuckin' bullets stickin' out
Missin' out, diss and bout, blood's what you're pissin' out
84 I'm crazy Crazy Horse, shootin' up, I'm illin' out
Rippin' out, I'm trippin' out, different now, I'm pimpin' out
any color at my belt and ouch while theyre clippin out
Criminal I'm hittin' out, in L.A. no gettin' out
2 1 3, pack your P, fly wicked style
Listen now, I'm sinnin' out, a 6-pack I'm sippin' out


representin no doubt
2002 baby transplants
by cooj June 7, 2004
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(n.) any non-native ending up in another market yet roots for original home teams from established sense of transplant.
Bob is a Tampa transplant, he still roots for the Devil Rays.
by BTLS Fan September 21, 2005
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A person (usually in their 20s) that moves from suburban/ rural America to any major city. Generally, these people are running away from or ashamed of their pasts and seeking to fruitlessly reinvent themselves and adhere to every possible perceived "trendy urban" stereotype ( e.g. In NYC, dressed head-to-toe in black, toting a "Manhattan Portage" bag, expensive sunglasses, etc.) making them extremely easy to spot. The phony "city" act is most obnoxious when the "transplant" has friends from their hometown visiting or they are back in their real hometown visiting.
The transplants look to live near busy avenues that offer some sort of social scene, bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.
by BKOG January 10, 2010
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the sickest band ever their music is so good they rock!!
transplants rule!!
by alex December 3, 2003
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made music that is great to listen 2 if your having problems in your life or anything else
did you see the transplants video 4 diamonds and guns?it was greatness
by james July 14, 2003
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