A drinking game in which players must deform their drinks to survive.

If one player says to another "game of life", the player spoken to must either immediately finish their drink or display the damage on the container that they are drinking from (such as a dented beer can or a solo cup with a broken rim). If the player spoken to can sport a deformed vessel, the player that called them out must finish their drink.
Player 1: "Game of life, bitch!"
Player 2: "Awww man you got me, I forgot to put a dent in my can!"
*Player 2 finishes their beer*
by jfriedly September 12, 2013
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The game of life originates in Australia. Those who respond to a question with the possessive form of the word "mine" must do 10 pushups only people in the game do pushups and joining the game is a life long oath to do the pushups.
- "who's receipt is this?"

game over.
"game of life bro"
by danmaan January 7, 2014
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A well-known and liked anime that premiered back in 2014. It was based off the light novel series of No Game No Life. It has made a large community and Shiro, one of the main protagonists, is seen as an iconic waifu among some viewers, particularly among loli lovers because she is 11 years old. It builds a large story and left the first season on a cliffhanger.

Though being an amazing anime, everyone is annoyed about how long they are waiting for a second season. No release date is yet set for a second season is set, and all we got so far is the movie "No Game No Life: Zero" in 2017.
Person 1: What's your favourite anime?
Person 2: Obviously No Game No Life
by J4ckStyp3 August 28, 2018
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10/10 Anime. Great Show Would Recommend. Best Anime. Needs Season Two. Many good Waifus.
Wow No Game No Life has so many 10/10 waifus
Why does No Game No Life have a second season
I Love No Game No Life
by KiritoBest October 14, 2019
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If something belongs to you, whose is it? Avoid the word or suffer the consequences - 10 pressups every time the word is mentioned.
Guy 1 "Whose pint is this?"
Guy 2 "Hey that's MINE!"
Fellow Gentlemen "GET DOWN!"
Guy 1 "Shouldn't have joined the game for life!"
Guy 2 "Awwwwww sheeeeit"
by fuckthegame September 21, 2010
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A game where if you say the word "mine" as a possessive noun, you have to get down and do 10 push-ups. To get into the game of life you must agree to play before you know the rules. At which point someone already will tell only you the rules and then you are in the game for life.

***The game did not Orignated at Clarkstown South High School and I have seen this game being played in the States, in the army, and in Australia.
'Two people who are playing the game of life"
Rob- Who's phone is this?
Bill- Mine
Bill- MINE
Rob-Thats 20
by bannanaSoul December 7, 2010
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Its a game with simple rules:

If someone 'in the game' asks you a question and you respond with any answer containing the word 'mine' you have to do 10 push ups, straight away without delay (in the middle of a football match, lecture ect).

To do the push ups you must be asked by another member of the game. If the person who asks is not a memeber then it does not count.

If you delay for any reason you have to do 100 push ups.

If you deny you are in the game after saying 'mine' and get cought out, by another member of the game, you have to do 100 push ups.

Once joining the game the only way to quit is to do 1000 push ups.

Any disputes are to be settled by a 'kangaroo court' of three people who are in the game. (usually the people who witnessed the dispute).

Push ups cannot be completed over multiple sittings. Breaks can be taken while completing the required number of push ups but the penalised player cannot leave the push up position while taking these breaks.

The exemptions to the game are; If you are refering to 'mine' as in a land'mine' or a 'mine' as in a place where shit gets dug up.
That crazy fool stupidly got himself into the game of life
by Crazy Fowl March 16, 2011
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