Sticking a blowtorch up your ass and turning it on. Basically the new way to vape
Person 1: Yo you ready to go torching?

Person 2: Yeah man I’m sick of vaping. Let’s torch one up.
by TorchNation January 16, 2019
an extreme state of well being after extended periods of marijuana injestion.
stoner #1 man i was so high last night
stoner #2 yeah man we were torched
by mik3 jon3s August 14, 2005
A game used to single out the worst player on the team. Often times making the worst player feel like shit, forcing him to quit playing that game so the other players have a better chance of winning.
by Jazib February 10, 2011
Awesome, amazing, bitchin, rad... Something that is torch is beyond just being cool it is highly desirable.
All you can eat shrimp for $2.99? Hella torch bro!
by ElChupacabra April 25, 2014
A reference from Family Guy, which is another word for burn, but extremely higher ranked.
Russell: Dude, you have a big forehead.
Scott: ?
Jonas: He torched your ass man, He torched your ass!
by JKMP April 30, 2007