an extreme state of well being after extended periods of marijuana injestion.
stoner #1 man i was so high last night
stoner #2 yeah man we were torched
by mik3 jon3s August 14, 2005
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A reference from Family Guy, which is another word for burn, but extremely higher ranked.
Russell: Dude, you have a big forehead.
Scott: ?
Jonas: He torched your ass man, He torched your ass!
by JKMP April 30, 2007
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to be extremely mad at somebody, something, or a situation.
When I heard that Jason punched my girlfriend i was so torched!
by KingCong February 14, 2011
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The absolute highest form of pwnzoration. The differen't levels are as follows:

T O R C H E D !

Taken from family guy in the episode where Meg has to babysit Stewie, and whines about having to stay home and claiming she has "better things to do." Then Lois tells her, "Now Meg, we all know you don't have any better things to do", and Peter comes in and says "OHH MEG, SHE TORCHED YOUR ASS.. SHE TTOORRCCHHEEDD YOUR ASs!"
<Tom> "Hey, we should go out some time Julie"

<Julie> "Yeah, I'll think about it ............ Ohhhh My stomach! ouchh"

<Tom> "Whats wrong baby??"

<Julie> "I thought about it"

<Enter Mike> "OOOoooooOoo, Tom, She TORCHED your ass,, shee TORCHED your ass"
by Mike Barlevav August 30, 2005
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a word describing your gramatic defeat
Joe: see i told that 9+5=12

Kenny: nahh my dude its 14

Joe: ohh yeah

Kenny: your so torched, don't you feel dumb
by lylahh November 7, 2009
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