v. To light something, particularly a packed bowl of marijuana, a marijuana joint, or any other substance that is smoked, such as a cigarette, crack-cocaine, opium, etc.
"Now that you packed that, let's torch the motherfucker!"
by I Rip Tubes December 19, 2004
A woman so hot that upon seeing her, your groin bursts into flames and your eyes begin to water from the existential crisis that overwhelms you from knowing you'll never ever bang her
"Check out this video - it's Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard"

"What a torch! Well, no point in living anymore."

"Probably, but hold that thought, let me grab the fire extinguisher"
by MartyTheGolfer December 16, 2017
A graffiti writer from Queens, New York. Also known as "Whitey", "Honkey" and "Papa Blanco" among other titles.
1. Oh shit peep that Torch tag.

2. Yo son, is that Torch right there? It has to be, these niggaz told me he was a big doofy white dude.

3. Yo man, I'm gonna kill myself..I found out Torch fucked the girl I'm going to marry!
by Cactus K November 13, 2007
A joint being passed by others that is still lit.

Having the tip of your weedjoint glow
A bruh pass the torch its still lit
by ghostthesmoke January 29, 2012
To torch something, to set it on fire until it burns into none existence.
p1; "dude... I hate that bitch."
p2; "Oh my fuck I know. I wanna torch the cunt."
p1; "axe and a lighter?"
p2; "let's do this shit."
by go.die September 16, 2012