A state of nirvana. Achieved by women; enjoyed by men.
by Mr. Son of a Gun May 24, 2004
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A person not wearing anything on the top half of their body. Usually refered to females who are showing their breasts.
OMG, Veronica has got such great tits. I love National Go Topless Australia Day!
by Ewokie January 15, 2004
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wearing nothing above the waist, usually said of a woman
The Police arrested a young woman who went topless as a protest aginst the new law.
by Light Joker March 11, 2006
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She would have looked it up on IMDB, but she was topless.
by js February 9, 2009
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Look at that car without a roof. I bet that guy is so poor he couldn't pay for a roof. He should lay off the crack.
by Matt. H. April 16, 2005
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A term used by street prostitutes, meaning to perform a sex act without the use of a rubber.
by bigdaddyguy September 27, 2007
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