8 definitions by Matt. H.

Dane Cook called Burger King the "BK Lounge." Thanks to him I can now say I work at the BK Lounge and people think I have the best job ever.
OMG Matt you are so rich!

I know. I work at the BK Lounge.

Oh my gosh! That sounds like the best job ever!
by Matt. H. April 13, 2005
A place where you get sent when a teacher notices something bad or inappropriated. The best way to get one is to chew gum.
Kyle: Yo David. I just got a detention from Miss Hoffman for chewing gum. So I gave her the finger and got another one.

David: For real? I just chewed 36 pieces of gum in history class and didn't get a detention. I kickass.

Miss Hoffman: Who just said kickass?

David: I did.

Miss Hoffman: That's a detention.

Kyle: Haha. Sucks for you.
by Matt. H. April 19, 2005
I had to read this book for some prick in English class. I did not read most of the book, but still took a test and wrote a report on that book and answered questions about each chapter. Oh, this guy hates me so much, he says I never turned in the book and wants me to pay $20 for it.
"Two legs good, four legs bad. So kill those animals!"

I think that is how it went, but I would not know since I did not read the book.
by Matt. H. April 11, 2005
A word that was spelled wrong in the 2004 St. Croix year book on page 103.

*TIP* Use spell check.
Dude! The most flirtacious girl of 2004 was Katie T.

Dude! Spell it right. It is flirtatious.
by Matt. H. February 20, 2005
Solsuno has a kickass watch with 138 LEDs. Also, the hourly chime is loud enough to wake the dead which is nice during class the teacher gets all pissed.
3...2...1... BEEP. Teacher says "What the hell was that?" I say, "Oh, that was my wake up alarm incase I fell asleep during your boring class.
by Matt. H. February 3, 2005
The best show ever. I even watch it on TV for 2 straight hours everyday.
Mom: Matt go do your homework!
Me: No mom Seinfeld is on. I will just tell my teacher I didn't finish it because Seinfeld was on. She/he will understand.
Mom: Oh, OK.
by Matt. H. April 16, 2005
Look at that car without a roof. I bet that guy is so poor he couldn't pay for a roof. He should lay off the crack.
by Matt. H. April 16, 2005