An Atlanta slang for clean, fresh, nice, etc.
Damn that’s that new 2019 Charger ain’t it? That mf too hard.
by SheedH October 23, 2019
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Did you hear that guy complaining about how he was gonna quit his job because it’s “too hard”. He’s such a pussy, it isn’t suppose to be easy.
by Waterfall8787 December 14, 2018
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"Too hard" is something said by people who want to disguise the fact that they suck too much and make themselves feel justified in their mediocrity which cripples their minds and ensures that another generation of parasites walk the Earth. It's much easier than learning new skills, applying elbow grease, and doing other practical things to approach challenges in life.
It's not too hard; you're not good enough.
by Paco Belmondo August 19, 2005
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This occurs when someone attempts to prove how they possess a perceived desirable quality by over-exerting themselves which results in the quality appearing unnatural and contrived. Generally, the response to this action is negative and has the opposite effect.
Guy 1 - John thinks he is so tough because he grunts when he lifts weights.
Guy 2 - Ya, his Napoleon Complex is showing, he is totally trying too hard.

Girl 1 - Andrea is trying too hard. She thinks she is so hot when she pops her cleavage and shows her ass.
Girl 2 - Whatever, that skank doesn't realize we can see her cottage cheese thighs in that mini-skirt.
by ncojay September 17, 2013
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Something that’s really good or great. Drip can mean something that you wear or something that you can be proud of or something you’re doing. ”Too Hard” meaning it’s really great or really good or you like it A LOT!
“Aye look at my new outfit. My drip too hard
by Cathy Wong October 9, 2018
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To do anything to the extreme, almost to the point of real bodily harm.

Made famous by Robert James Hoffman III in his infamous Yes Dance performed at the Choreographer's Carnival in January 2007, which has received 5,000,000+ views on youtube, and numerous copycat videos.
You'd better slow down on that treadmill, you're yessing too hard.

You're having another cosmopolitan? Girl, you're gonna yes too hard, give me your car keys.

Girl: I don't know why I'm so sore today.
Boy: You were yessing too hard last night. You were on fire.
by raisinsmith June 2, 2009
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The theoretical basket in which certain tasks are placed when they are deemed to be tedious or difficult. This can include office work and household chores.

It can sometimes lead to social notworking.
Rodney: Hey Stephen, did you finish that report I asked you to do?

Stephen: No Rod. I put it in the Too hard basket.
by Dickolovski March 18, 2009
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