The idea that one is working hard or could be working hard by putting all their effort into the job at hand.
That nacho cheese pot was so burnt on I had to put some real elbow grease into cleaning it.
by Sha November 12, 2003
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All it takes to get things done is a little elbow grease.
by Light Joker September 10, 2005
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Leftover sperm that runs down a girl or gay man's arm after jacking someone off.
After 15 seconds of vigorous stroking Steve exploded like a volcano, and Brittany was covered in a near-chunky layer of elbow grease.
by Filthy Heathen March 26, 2010
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An icky, puss-like residue on one's elbow secreted by bad karma.
Damn, bitch. You need to go to the bathroom and clean off that elbow grease.
by Burnt Spaghetti!! September 30, 2007
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when you meet a girl with a pretty face who is a bit chubby and you start coaching her in nutrition and fitness until she has a hot body to match her life.
Bro I met this girl her face is soooo cute but shes a bit chubby, I dunno if I should date her?! Bro just slap some elbow grease on a hoe and get her in shape than she will love you even more and you got a hot girlfriend win win
by JyahC August 30, 2018
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to accidentally break or damage beyond repair an expensive or inexpensive item while engaged in violent pounding of the pussy (thus explaining the work ethic).
Homie 1: Dog I was tearin' that pussy up on the couch last night,but we were so sweaty that i slipped and fell half way off the couch.

Homie 2: Wouldnt be called "fucking" if things like that didnt happen.

Homie 1: Well,I essentially did a kneedrop on my laptop cuz it was layin right next to the couch. The screen is totaled.

Homie 2: Daaaamn! You really slipped in the elbow grease on that one!

Homie 1: I'm sayin though.
by bob digitech August 9, 2008
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The act of applying lubrication on the inside of you're elbow and using it to masterbate.
Mom: Oh Dear what are you doing.
Son: Its called the greased elbow, dad taught me.
by The Brown Kind January 27, 2008
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