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The greatest computer game ever created. The basic premise is that you, Postal Dude, must complete a series of tasks while opting to be non-violent or exceptionally aggressive. During your various quests, you can do a variety of things, such as peeing on people, blowing the heads off of pedestrians, putting cats on the tips of shotguns and firing, shocking individuals (Causing them to piss themselves uncontrollably.), and generally create a state of emergency. The overly-hesitant police are powerless against you and your arsenal. In addition, the game endorses cruelty to animals, allowing you to blow dogs to pieces and mutilate cats. You even have the option of training an attack dog of your own. Players have the ability to commit suicide in crowded areas, as well. The possibilities are endless with Postal 2, making it a joy to play if you feel like having your soul ripped out of your body and pulled into the computer screen. It's a small price to pay when you have the option of playing such a wonderful masterpiece.

Postal 2 is a Davo's favorite game.
Luis: Are you playing Postal 2: Share the Pain again? Get a life!
Davo: Go to hell, Mexican! This is my favorite game!
by HugeBreasticle March 17, 2005

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When two people mutually decide to play Guitar Hero with one guitar controller. In this situation, one person takes one set of buttons on the controller while the other takes the rest. This is done to enhance performance, but, due to a lack of unison and timing, this configuration typically results in failure.
Dude #1: Ok, you take green to yellow, and I'll handle blue and orange.
Dude #2: Mutual masturbation sucks, let's just go jack off together.
Dude #1: After More Than a Feeling, bitch!
by hugebreasticle March 15, 2007

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The New England pronunciation of "saw."
Luis: What is it?
Davo: Ah jus sawr a lightning bolt, nicca! Hand check!
by HugeBreasticle August 14, 2005

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The greatest webcomic ever created. The author, known only as Hard, creates characters with abnormal mental or physical issues, such as necrophilism, the inability to get a date with a porn star, or being unable to suppress auto-erotic urges.
Luis: Ha-ha! I love Sexy Losers!
Davo: Yeah, Hard is the best! Ha-ha!
by HugeBreasticle March 17, 2005

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An American Life Insurance company that has a line of commercials featuring a duck that mysteriously acquires the abnormally-loud voice of Gilbert Godfried. The unnamed duck can only say the name of the Life Insurance company he, for some unexplained reason, endorses: "Aflac." The duck has the ability to appear anywhere in the world where a Life Insurance-related conversation is taking place. However, no human can actually hear his "advice."
Davo: Now, act like a duck!
Luis: Aflac!
by HugeBreasticle April 10, 2005

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An alternate term for the genitals of a man or woman. It is commonly used during a greeting.

A lesson in greeting:
1. If you are greeting a man, you inquire about his chimpo.
2. If you are greeting a woman, you inquire about her cooter.
3. If you are unsure of the gender of the person you are addressing, or are not familiar enough with the individual, you inquire about his or her front butt.
4. If you are the one being greeted, you simply say "fine," "good," "a little itchy," "bleeding," or "irritated."
Luis: Hello Davo, how is your front butt?
Davo: Quite good, thank you.
by HugeBreasticle March 12, 2005

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When something is undeniably, overtly, and/or disturbingly homosexual in nature or appearance.
This is a picture of Davo, wearing a flamboyantly gay outfit.
by HugeBreasticle March 21, 2005

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