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A term that replaces "explode." Based on a King of the Hill episode where Hank Hill must tutor a football player from the local school. In his essay about propane, the student thanks God for not being "esploded."
"I thank God for every day I don't get esploded."
by HugeBreasticle March 3, 2006
Luis: What are you doing?
Davo: Ah'm drawring a pictcha, bitch. Hand check!
by HugeBreasticle April 3, 2005
A challenge given to a contestant of the 80's game show Double Dare. This challenge typically requires a physical element.
Luis: Ok soldier, you completed the five finger discount challenge, but, to become an honorary Mexican, you must learn the art of crawling under really sharp fences.
Davo: This is like a Double Dare physical challenge!
Luis: NO IT'S NOT! 17!
by HugeBreasticle March 29, 2005
The "lady-like" way to refer to the breasts, one of many "fun parts" on a woman.
I'm the only girl on that list; If anyone has a treasure chest, it's me!
by HugeBreasticle April 7, 2005
An alternate term for the genitals of a man or woman. It is commonly used during a greeting.

A lesson in greeting:
1. If you are greeting a man, you inquire about his chimpo.
2. If you are greeting a woman, you inquire about her cooter.
3. If you are unsure of the gender of the person you are addressing, or are not familiar enough with the individual, you inquire about his or her front butt.
4. If you are the one being greeted, you simply say "fine," "good," "a little itchy," "bleeding," or "irritated."
Luis: Hello Davo, how is your front butt?
Davo: Quite good, thank you.
by HugeBreasticle March 13, 2005
When two people mutually decide to play Guitar Hero with one guitar controller. In this situation, one person takes one set of buttons on the controller while the other takes the rest. This is done to enhance performance, but, due to a lack of unison and timing, this configuration typically results in failure.
Dude #1: Ok, you take green to yellow, and I'll handle blue and orange.
Dude #2: Mutual masturbation sucks, let's just go jack off together.
Dude #1: After More Than a Feeling, bitch!
by HugeBreasticle March 15, 2007
The "lady-like" way to refer to a vagina, one of many "fun parts" on a woman.
Davo: Hey Luis, can I inject this into your peach ring?
Luis: Sure! We'll make it today's Double Dare Physical Challenge!
by HugeBreasticle March 31, 2005